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Acknowledgement Measures for Donations of the Education Development Foundation of USTB

Education is the basic of a One-Hundred Year Strategy of a Nation. Colleges and universities are important bases for cultivating outstanding talents, producing scientific and technological achievements, developing human civilization, and promoting social progress. In recent years, investing and donating funds in education has increasingly become a spiritual pursuit and a noble social ethos of public interest enthusiasts at home and abroad. USTB is a national key university with more than 60 years history. Over the years, the development of the school has been supported by leaders at all levels, alumni at home and abroad, and people from all walks of life. For this, the teachers and students of USTB are grateful and will always bear in mind. In the journey of the USTB to build a high-level research-oriented university, we wholeheartedly welcome people and alumni from all walks of life at home and abroad to follow the development of USTB with interest as always, and sincerely welcome contributions and generous donations to the construction and development of USTB. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all enterprises, institutions, organizations, and individuals who have volunteered to support the development of the school..

I. Purpose of Donation

According to the wishes of donating units and individuals (hereinafter collectively referred to as donors), donations can be used for the following projects:

1. Student scholarships and students grants;

2. Excellent teacher award fund and high-level lecture professor fund;

3. Construction and maintenance of school buildings;

4. Campus infrastructure construction and campus landscape construction;

5. Purchase of teaching equipment, books, and other materials;

6. Setting up alumni assistance fund;

7. Other purposes agreed by the donor and the school.

II. Acknowledgement Measures

1. For all donors, the school will create an annual donation book, which will include the donors and the information of the donation, and will be kept in the school permanently. At the same time, school will also conduct publicity on the school’s internal and external websites under the will of donors.

2. For those who donate more than 1,000 yuan (RMB, foreign currency is converted into RMB at the corresponding exchange rate at the time of donation, the same below), the school will issue a certificate of commemorative donation for them.

3. For those who donate more than 10,000 yuan, the school will make and issue a donation certificate and a special souvenir book for them, which will record the donor and the details of the donation and will be kept forever.

4. For those who donate more than 100000 yuan, the school will issue the donation certificate and the commemorative card of “USTB Education Contribution Award”. According to the purpose of donation, the corresponding donation items can also be named after the donor.

5. For those who donate more than 1 million yuan, a donation ceremony will be held. According to the amount of donation, they can be employed as honorary director of the Education Development Foundation of USTB, or director and managing director of USTB Board of Trustees.

6. Those who donate more than 5 million yuan enjoy the naming rights of the school’s facilities such as laboratories, conference rooms, classrooms, reading rooms, activity rooms and other infrastructures. If the donation amount reaches a certain proportion of the cost of a single building, donor can enjoy the naming rights of the buildings on campus.

7.For large donors, the use of funds and the measures of acknowledgment shall be separately negotiated between the donor and the school.

8.To the extent permitted by national laws, regulations and school rules and regulations, donors can enjoy not only the above rights, but also have priority to enjoy the school’s teaching, scientific research, and other high-quality resources, and have priority to enjoy the rights of cooperation and joint construction.

Attachment: donation method:

1. Online donation

Visit the website of Alumni Association of USTB(,click“Online donation” to donate(bank card needs to open online payment function).

2.Bank Remittance

Account Number:1125 0501 0400 26522

Deposit Bank:Agricultural Bank of China,Beijing Haidian East District sub branch

Account Title:Education Development Foundation of USTB

3.Direct donation

Address:Office of Alumni Association and Foundation of USTB (office building 304)

Contact:CHEN Yeming:010-62332829  62334622