USTB held the University Presidents' Forum: Pooling Global Wisdom

At the significant year of milestones in the history of USTB, standing at the new starting point of accelerating the building of a world-class university and embarking on a new journey towards the centennial of USTB. On April 20, USTB held the “Pooling Global Wisdom-University Presidents' Forum.” With the theme of "Envision Future Higher Education Featuring Innovative Collaboration", the forum aims to gather high-level universities and colleges in China and abroad, talk about the exchange and cooperation experiences online, explore innovative development ideas, and jointly draw a better future of higher education.


Prof. Kiyohiro Houkin, President of Hokkaido University, Japan; Prof. Teik C. Lim, President of The University of Texas at Arlington, USA; Prof. Roland Fortunier, Director of ISAE-ENSMA, France; Prof. Katie Normington, Vice-Chancellor of De Montfort University, UK; Prof. Wilfried Eichlseder, Rector of Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria; Prof. Jon Frampton, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor of University of Birmingham, UK; Prof. Peter Mascher, Vice Provost of McMaster University, Canada; Prof. YANG Xianjin, Chancellor of Tianjin University, China; and Prof. GONG Qihuang, Executive Vice President of Peking University, China and other presidents from 10 high-level universities in China and abroad gathered at the forum. Chancellor WU Guilong, President YANG Renshu, Vice President YAN Xiangbin, Vice President WANG Luning and heads of colleges and functional departments of USTB attended the forum. The forum was hosted by Prof. YAN Xiangbin and Prof. WANG Luning and carried out online and offline simultaneously.


Chancellor WU Guilong delivered the welcome speech on behalf of USTB. He extended a warm welcome to the leaders and online and offline guests coming from afar. He pointed out that on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of USTB, with the joint efforts of USTB and other universities, all universities are going forward hand in hand and seeking development together. He wished the forum a great success and looked forward to the continued cooperation between USTB and other top-level universities in the future.


Prof. YANG Renshu delivered a report entitled "Integrating the Six Elements Related to Education, Embarking on a New Journey of Building a World-class University". He briefly introduced the profound educational background of USTB and its development achievements in recent years, and explained that the essence of building a world-class university lies in “Six Elements”, namely “Discipline, Scholar, Student, Scientific Research, Learning Style, and Campus”. He hoped that all university presidents could contribute their insights to the development of international higher education and create a new future of it through collaborative innovation.4.jpg

The university presidents from all over the world participated in the forum and sincerely shared and exchanged views on the opportunities and challenges in international higher education. Seven presidents from overseas universities respectively reported on the six topics: “Challenges and Opportunities Facing International Education Collaboration in the Post Pandemic Era”, “Reform and Development of Higher Education in the Post Pandemic Era”, “Exploration of International Collaboration Model of Teaching and Research for Universities”, “The Mission and Future of Online Education”, “The Core Competence and Talent Cultivation Culture of First-class Universities”, “The Historical Deposits and Cultural Inherence of a University”. Prof. YANG Xianjin shared his thoughts and exploration on education reform and innovation around the challenges and opportunities of higher engineering education in the post-epidemic era. Prof. GONG Qihuang focused on the new situation and new requirements of high-level talent training in the new era and discussed innovative ideas and measures with the participants.


At the end of the forum, Prof. YANG Renshu said in his concluding speech that world-class universities should possess the devotion and responsibility to solve the common problems that humankind is facing. They should not only be the source of academic research and theories, but also become a bridge and link for dialogue and communication between different cultures and civilizations and make contributions to the continuation and development of human civilization. Today's sincere exchanges and common development are of great significance to the future of international cooperation in higher education.


At the same time, many of USTB's partners and presidents of world-renowned universities sent their congratulations via video at the 70th anniversary of USTB. In the past seven decades, USTB has made fruitful achievements and has deep relations and close cooperation with other universities. At the end of the video, the presidents of the universities around the world warmly congratulate USTB happy birthday in their native languages and Chinese respectively, and draw the bright vision of “together for a shared future” between the universities.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of USTB, The Pooling Global Wisdom-University Presidents' Forum presents a great gift for USTB. It aims to explore innovative measures, deepen the cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and foreign universities, seek a blueprint for the development of global science and technology and humanities, as well as create a new future for international higher education.

Draft: WU Yueheng

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    April 21,2022

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