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President YANG Renshu and Vice President XUE Qingguo Lead Delegations to the Guanzhuang Campus for Research and Guidance

On the morning of November, the 3rd, Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB; Prof. XUE Qingguo, Vice President of USTB, member of the USTB Party Committee, Head of the Department of United Front Work; Prof. LIU Jieming, Dean of the Graduate School; Mr. CAO Guangyuan, Director of the Department of Finance;  and Mr. ZHANG Yi, Associate Head of the Office of the Party Committee and the Office of the President made a special trip to Guanzhuang Campus for research and guidance. All members of Guanzhuang Campus participated in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Mr. WU Guanxiong, Chancellor of Guanzhuang  Campus.


At the meeting, Mr. NING Xiaojun, Dean of Guanzhuang Campus first delivered a work report, briefly introducing the policy situation and changes in continuing education for academic qualifications at the national level from 2019 to the present, and focused on the tasks and main measures of the continuing education for academic qualifications, the award-winning results of the teaching materials and curriculum ideals building, and the development of the "One Hundred Enterprises and Ten Thousand Talents Program ". Mr. NING said that the school leaders integrate continuing education with undergraduate education and postgraduate education, which fully demonstrates the great emphasis on continuing education. The school staff are deeply encouraged and motivated. The campus will strictly follow the instructions of the school leaders on continuing education to "persist in serving the industry, help the students of USTB grow into industry elites, and recruit industry elites as students of USTB", and actively advance the high-quality and standardized development of continuing education. At the end, Mr. NING also put forward suggestions on the comprehensive utilization of space on the Guanzhuang Campus and support for school development and hopes that the relevant departments of the school will fully consider the development needs and practical difficulties of the campus. In this way, more attention and policy support will be given to setting up continuing education textbook construction and teaching reform projects, demands of improving academic qualifications for steel enterprise employees and other aspects.

In the report, Mr. WU first talked about his feelings since he had served in the Guanzhuang Campus for more than a month. In recent years, the campus has achieved effective results, and the faculty and staff have great confidence and determination in achieving practical results. The Party Committee of the campus will earnestly organize discussions and fully implement the spirit of the Ministry of Education's documents, further strengthen the standard management of continuing education, work hard to improve quality and efficiency, and develop the characteristics of continuing education.

Mr. MA Yongchun, Ms. ZHAO Guijuan, Mr. ZHANG Junling, and Ms. AN Lu, Associate Deans of Guanzhuang Campus, respectively reported the progress of their work to the leaders at the meeting. Then put forward some ideas for the integration and development of the main business of the campus, the construction of faculty, the deployment of resources, security and stability, the management services of graduate students and the Institute for Multidisciplinary Innovation, and the epidemic prevention and control work.


After listening to the work reports, Prof. YANG and his delegations had a face-to-face communication with the Guanzhuang Campus leadership members. Mr. LIU, Mr. CAO, and Mr. ZhANG put forward specific opinions and suggestions on enhanceing the scale of continuing education, economic and social benefits, as well as related tasks that require the cooperation from the campus.

At the meeting, Prof. XUE Qingguo first acknowledged the achievements of the Campus in standardizing continuing education for academic qualifications, carrying out corporate training and teaching materials construction, and curriculum ideological and political construction in recent years. He hoped that based on the overall development of the school, the campus faculty will focus on well serving the industry and enterprises and developing the characteristics of continuing education. At the same time, we must obey the big picture of school development, pay equal attention to continuing education, and do a good job in the management services of graduate students and the Institute for Multidisciplinary Innovation. Regarding the several projects mentioned in the work report of the campus that require support from relevant departments of the school, Vice President XUE responded and put forward some hopes and requirements.


Prof. YANG made a concluding speech. He pointed out that the campus faculty and all the staff worked hard in their respective positions and made important contributions to the development of the campus, and put forward the following hopes and requirements to the campus faculty and staff: First, leader of the Party lead the team, and making unite people and seek development as the priority. It is necessary to do a good job in the top-level design of the campus and draw the development plan of the campus during the "14th Five-Year Plan"; Second, bring out the characteristics, line with first-class, and produce results. The continuing education must serve the steel industry well, showing the characteristics of disciplines and specialties, and the characteristics of training models. It must go in the same direction with the development of the school; Third, stabilize the scale, optimize the structure, and improve the quality. The construction of the faculty must serve the development positioning of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The deployment of various resources must be done well. The Guanzhuang Campus needs to communicate and coordinate with the relevant departments of the school and the colleges, so that  Guanzhuang Campus can be well planned and developed.


After the meeting, Prof. YANG and his delegation, accompanied by relevant officials of Guanzhuang Campus and the Institute for Multidisciplinary Innovation, inspected and got to know the epidemic prevention and control work, visited students, and conducted field research on the Institute for Multidisciplinary Innovation, General Management building, and other places.

Draft: Kaidi Huang

Revision: Mingyuan Cheng

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    November 25,2021

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