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President YANG Renshu and Mr. DAI Jinggang Led Team to Investigate in the School of Economics and Management

On December 10th, Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, Mr. DAI Jinggang, Vice Chancellor and Secretary General of the Discipline Inspection Committee led a team to investigate in the School of Economics and Management (hereinafter referred as “the School”). Mr. LIN Lin, Director of the Office of Strategic Planning and Mr. CHEN Jun, Director of Department of Human Resources and other leaders participated in the meeting. Nearly 20 people from the leading group of USTB, the dean of the School, the secretary of the party branch of the School and representatives of teachers attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Mr. WU Sen, Secretary General of the Party Committee, School of Economics and Management.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. YAN Xiangbin, Vice President of USTB and Dean of the School of Economics and Management introduced the School’s situation, achievements, problems, and thoughts for the next step from “disciplines, scholars, students, academics, style of study and school”. He pointed out that the School will earnestly implement the spirit of the 12th Party Congress of USTB and the requirements of USTB’s “14th Five-Year Plan”, focus on the construction of teaching staff, take measures to attract talents. Besides, the School will build a cooperative research platform, support high-level research teams, and strive to improve scientific research level, strengthen the quality control of student training, build teaching teams and high-quality courses, improve the quality of talent training in all aspects, build high-level think tanks in combination with the characteristics and advantages of USTB, and strengthen the construction of the bases and international cooperative education projects.

Subsequently, the participating teachers had in-depth discussions on the School’s discipline development planning, faculty building, teaching and research places, undergraduate education, postgraduate training quality, academic research, teaching environment and facilities.

Different functional departments gave advice to the School of Economics and Management. Leaders from Office of Strategic Planning, Department of Human Resources, Graduate School, Department of Academic Affairs, Department of Science and Technology, and Library responded to questions such as interdisciplinary integration, doctoral program application, talent training, scientific research conditions and base construction. They expressed that they would promote various works steadily in the future.

Mr. DAI Jinggang expressed his gratitude to all leaders for their strong support for the development of the School of Economics and Management. Based on the survey of 2021 graduates of the School, he analyzed the relevant data of the School of Economics and management. He hoped that the School’s leadership and all teachers would make efforts to take responsibility and contribute to the development of the School.

President YANG Renshu listened carefully to the report on the basic situation of the School and the discussion of the participating teachers. He fully affirmed the efforts made by the School in promoting the development of various undertaking, as well as the results achieved in various works in recent years. Combined with the situation and tasks in the next stage, he made a detailed interpretation from the aspects of teaching staff, discipline construction, talent training, scientific research, and school-running resources, and pointed out that the School of Economics and Management should take student as the center, teachers as the main body, teachers and students as the foundation, earnestly undertake the mission of “cultivating talents for the Party and the nation”. He emphasized the need to implement new concepts in the new stage so as to promote the high-quality development for USTB and the School of Economic and Management.

Draft: ZHAO Meijiao

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    Faculty and Staff

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    January 12,2022

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