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Team Led by Professor Zhang Lifeng Win’s First Prize for the Best Paper of 2018 in the French journal Metallurgical Research & Technology

Recently, the French journal Metallurgical Research & Technology published a list of the best papers it had received in 2018. Professor Zhang Lifeng and his team won first prize for their paper titled “Kinetic study on compositional variations of inclusions, steel and slag during refining process”. Professor Zhang was the lead author, and his co-authors were Professor Zhang Ying and Associate Professor Ren Ying. This was the first time in many years that Chinese researchers had won this particular prize.

The paper detailed the importance of non-metallic inclusions in steel as being important to the process of producing clean steel. Professor Zhang’s research detailed their work in producing a model for controlling the various chemical reactions during the steel-making process, and how it could be applied to the steel industry for the purpose of better controlling the quality of steel products following the refining process.

Published in France, Metallurgical Research & Technology is originally entitled Revue de Métallurgie, and is one of the most authoritative publications in its field. It includes research papers that focus on metallurgical methods, the characteristics of metal products, the manufacturing process, and other related topics. The journal’s award for Best Paper recognizes outstanding work done by researchers in advancing the field of metallurgy. The editorial board meets every December to decide on the winning papers for the previous year based on criteria including originality, innovation, relevance to current conditions, influence on future research, clarity, and overall technical excellence.

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    September 08,2019

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