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Two USTB Projects Selected Into the 2021 CAST Program of International Collaboration Platform

The 2021 evaluation result of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) Program of International Collaboration Platform for Science and Technology Organizations in Belt and Road Countries have been announced. Two projects led by Prof. QIAN Wei and Prof. LI Xiaogang from USTB were selected, achieving zero breakthrough in this collaboration platform.

Focuses on the goal of "actively participating in the reform and construction of the international civil technology governance system”, the construction of the collaboration platform aims to build an effective civil science and technology platform for humanities exchange and form a new mechanism and system for international civil technology exchange and governance. After the launch of the project, a total of 168 projects across the country have been applied, and a total of 47 projects have been funded.

The programs of collaboration platform are divided into four categories. Among them, with high funding amount, long funding period, and fiercest competition, the first and second categories of projects are the most difficult to apply. Prof.  QIAN Wei's "International Organization for the History of Exchange in Science and Technology Between the East and the West" was selected into the first category, and making USTB the only university scientific research unit in the platform. Prof. LI Xiaogang's “‘Belt and Road’ Construction of Material Corrosion Science Research Center and Talent Exchange Service Center” was selected into the second category. The length of the two projects are 3 years, with a total funding of 2.1 million yuan.

To coordinate with the implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative, deepen and promote scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation with countries along the "Belt and Road", and effectively promote USTB’s "Belt and Road" science and technology people-to-people exchange work, the Office of International Affairs actively contacts and surveys in the early stage, the Institute of Science and Technology prepared and organized the selection and application work, multiple departments have carried out full cooperation, actively contact relevant teaching and scientific research units to apply.

This application focuses on featured disciplines and aims at industry development to boost the "Belt and Road" initiative. USTB will continue to study the situation, actively cooperate with the CAST to enhance the university's academic influence and international competitiveness, and jointly promote international science, technology, education, and cultural exchanges.

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    September 04,2021

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