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USTB Held In-depth Counseling Work Promotion Conference and the Opening Ceremony of In-depth Counseling and Theoretical Research Studio

In the afternoon of December 14th, in response to the working requirements outlined by Beijing Municipal Education Commission concerning the promotion of in-depth counseling work among universities in Beijing, the In-depth Counseling Work Promotion Conference, as well as the Opening Ceremony of In-depth Counseling and Theoretical Research Studio (hereinafter referred as “the Studio”) was held at 306 Meeting Room of Administration Building, USTB. Prof. YU Chengwen, Vice Chancellor of USTB, along with Prof. YIN Zhaohua, Director of USTB Department of Student Affairs; Mr. SHI Liwei, Deputy President of Party School and Associate Director of Organization Department of the CPC, USTB; Prof. ZHANG Ying, Secretary General of the Party Committee, USTB School of Marxism Studies and other heads of relevant departments and units, as well as all members of the Studio attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Mr. LIU Zhen, Associate Director of USTB Department of Student Affairs.


Prof. YIN Zhaohua speaking at the Conference

Prof. YIN firstly gave interpretations on the requirements for in-depth counseling work at USTB and mapped out plans for the following work. She pointed out that all counselors should put students first and adhere to the work guideline of “prioritizing stability while pursuing progress”. Constantly improving the working standards and working procedures, and make closely investigations into students’ real situations. All counselors are supposed to go deep into the front line of students, to take in more advanced training, make innovations on the counseling model, and to consolidate the theoretical research on in-depth counseling. Further efforts should be made on deepening the counseling effects and raising the degree of standardization, solving practical problems, increasing the ability of counselors to perform their duties, and enhancing the effectiveness of education.


Ms. JIANG Linjing gave report at the Conference

In order to do a good job in the professionalization of the counselor team and to provide academic support and practical guidance for the innovative development of in-depth counseling work, the Department of Student Affairs took the lead to establish the “Words from Counselors” In-depth Counseling and Theoretical Research Studio. Ms. JIANG Linjing, Director of the Studio and Counselor from USTB School of Civil and Resources Engineering, has introduced the Studio's establishment background, consultant team, construction plan and future expectations, etc.


Prof. YU Chengwen unveiled the plaque of the Studio


Prof. YU Chengwen issue appointment letters to the members of the Studio


Prof. YU Chengwen made concluding speech

At the meeting, Mr. YU, unveiled the plaque of the Studio, issued appointment letters to the representative consultants of the Studio, and presented theoretical study books to all members of the Studio. In the concluding speech, he praised the good works of various units in performing their duties and put forward requirements for the future in-depth guidance work, called on all the counselors to raise awareness, set goals, and strengthen the implementation of responsibilities for the promotion of work on in-depth counseling and student affairs at USTB to a new level.

Draft: ZENG Bingjie

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    January 10,2022

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