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Leaders of CISRI and Delegation Visit USTB for Research and Exchanges

On the morning of October 22nd, Mr. LIU Xiao, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute (CISRI); Mr. ZHANG Xuxiao, Director of Administration Office at CISRI led a delegation to visit the University Archives of USTB for research and exchanges. Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB; Mr. YU Chengwen, Vice Chancellor of USTB; and Mr. ZHANG Weidong, Vice President of USTB respectively received Mr. LIU Xiao and his delegation. Mr. ZHANG Weidong attended the meeting.



Mr. LIU Xiao and his delegation first visited the University Archives for field research on the layout and collection of the archives, and specifically checked the archiving and utilization of scientific research files.


Subsequently, the two sides had a meeting. Mr. ZHANG Weidong first introduced the school attaches great importance to archives management, especially the important role of scientific research archives in  the  evaluation of scientific research achievements, achievement transformation and intellectual property protection, and the school will increase investment in the next step to promote the digitization and informatization construction of archives.

Mr. YANG Feng, Dean of University Archives, introduced the construction of the archives, its business scope and staffing, especially the classification, digitization and utilization of scientific research archives. Mr. LIU Xiao introduced the archival work of CISRI, and put forward some innovative ideas on the archival work of scientific research, as well as the idea of further strengthening the communication between the two sides in the future.


During the meeting, the two sides had in-depth communication on how to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and archiving of scientific research process data and give full play to the role of scientific research archives in enlightenment of scientific researchers. At the same time, the two sides exchanged their experience in management mode of scientific research archives and the construction of archival institutions.

Draft: Kaidi Huang

Revision: Mingyuan Cheng

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    November 04,2021

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