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The Autonomous Vehicle Metaverse Project “Jiu Lu” by USTB was Successfully Launched

Recently, Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, Prof. SUN Jinghong, Vice Chancellor of USTB, and other delegations were invited to attend the demonstration site of the metaverse project of the autonomous vehicle “Jiu Lu” which was jointly launched by the School of Mechanical Engineering and the School of Intelligent Science and Technology. For first-hand experience, the delegations took a campus tour riding the “Jiu Lu”.

President YANG Renshu and Vice Chancellor SUN Jinghong took a ride in the "Jiu Lu" autonomous vehicle 

Depending on the perception and position technology from multi-source and the algorithm in the analysis of complicated scenes, the autonomous vehicle “Jiu Lu” is able to make an OD route formulation based on cognitive intelligent planning and decision. With the voice-interactive dialogue function, it can talk with passengers along the way, introducing the history of USTB and the research and development situation of the “Jiu Lu”.


The initiating meeting of the metaverse project of autonomous vehicles.

After the campus tour, Prof. SUN Jinghong convened the leading cadres from relevant departments to hold the demonstration meeting on the metaverse project of autonomous vehicles, which was presided over by Mr. LV Chaowei, Director of the Department of Admissions and Career Services. During the meeting, Prof. QIN Jingyan, Associate Dean of the School of Intelligent Science and Technology and Chair of the Department of Industrial Design, introduced the metaverse project of autonomous vehicles from the dimensions including innovation on teaching, science and technology, and so on.

Prof. SUN Jinghong gave high approval to the project of the driverless car metaverse. He pointed out that, USTB was successfully selected in the construction list of "National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project for College” announced by the Ministry of Education. As the first research project after the approval as Innovation and Entrepreneurship School, the metaverse project of autonomous vehicles will gain key support from USTB for further development.


Metaverse visualizing management platform for the green and smart campus of the autonomous vehicle “Jiu Lu"


The “Jiu Lu” intelligent autonomous vehicle launched by the intelligent design team of USTB


The intelligent design team of USTB, through the national first-class virtual simulation teaching & practice platform for undergraduate courses awarded by USTB, developed the cross-discipline which is combined with artificial intelligence, new engineering course, and liberal arts with innovative design, and strengthen the construction of double first-class disciplines by the guide of the high-level, cutting-edge and challenge of artificial intelligence.


USTB and Carnegie The intelligent design team of USTB participated in, presided over, participated in and presided over six key research and development projects, including the projects of the Winter Olympics of Science and Technology, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and the design of the torch for the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.


USTB and Carnegie Mellon University opened the undergraduate course of  Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Design in 2018 simultaneously, and successively launched the Chinese and international MOOC courses

More than 20 media, including CCTV news and CNTV, have reported the intelligent design of USTB, which has actively carried out industry-university-institute cooperation and jointly built the autonomous vehicle metauniverse and the digital ecological civilization of intelligent education with major autonomous vehicle brands. 

The metaverse project of the autonomous vehicle “Jiu Lu” continues to carry out research in better battery endurance ability, automatic charging, autonomous vehicle information security capabilities, etc. The “Jiu Lu” project will explore and develop the holographic system and ecological metaverse based on artificial intelligence & materials science, vehicle engineering, innovative design, etc., promote the construction of building Beijing as a world scientific and technological innovation highland and a digital economy benchmark city, and make due efforts and exploration for the sustainable development of service design for intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing which is in line with the “dual carbon goals.”


Group photo

Draft: ZHANG Guolin & Liu Feiyi

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    October 10,2022

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