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USTB丨Four New Liberal Arts Research and Reform Practice Projects of USTB was Approved by MOE

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced the first batch of New Liberal Arts Research and Reform Practice Projects, and the 4 projects recommended by USTB were approved. The information is as follows:图片1.png

In recent years, USTB has constructed a new engineering construction plan to meet the needs of the era and achieved remarkable results in the exploration and implementation of the collaborative education model, the upgrading and transformation of traditional majors and the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship ability. In addition, USTB attaches great importance to the promotion of new liberal arts work, finding the point and improving the degree of integration and helping the USTB's first-class undergraduate education action plan. The school closely follows the high-quality development trend and requirements of philosophy and social sciences in the new era and promote the integration of humanities and social sciences with the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Make full use of modern information technology, innovate the teaching system of ideological and political courses, effectively improve the educational effect of "Four Histories" (History of CPC, History of PRC, History of Reform and Opening-up, and Development History of Socialism)learning, improve the affinity, epochal character and pertinence of ideological and political courses; Pay attention to professional construction, promote the deep integration of big data technology and the original major, break through the limitations of traditional disciplines in the new era of talent training, to achieve professional transformation and upgrading; Based on the interdisciplinary nature of humanities, it takes literary works as the entry point, crosses over the fields of literature, culture and history, and takes the series of courses of liberal arts and science as the starting point, integrates high-quality course resources, forms supporting textbooks, and improves the first-class undergraduate education of the university.

The New Liberal Arts Research and Reform Practice Project is an important measure for thoroughly study and implement XI Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, fulfill the requirements of the Working Conference on the Construction of New Liberal Arts, comprehensively promote the construction of new liberal arts, and build a world-class and Chinese characteristic liberal arts talent cultivation system.

Draft: Yueheng WU

Revision: Mingyuan CHENG

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    Research News

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    November 12,2021

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