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The 1st International Steel Research Webinar on Challenges and Strategies for Steel Industry in China and the UK

The first webinar of the International Steel Research Forum Webinar Series was successfully held on July 4, 2020‎. This series is organised by the China-UK Steel Research Forum committee, hosted by the University of Science and Technology Beijing and co-organized by the University of Leicester, the University of Warwick and The Welding Institute. The first webinar was focused on "strategic situation analysis of steelmaking industry in China and the UK", and was presented by: Xinchuang Li (Vice President of China Iron and Steel Industry Association and Chief Engineer of Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute) and, Chris McDonald (Chief Executive Officer of the Materials Processing Institute, Chair of the UK Metals Council, policy chair for Innovation and Enterprise for the Federation of Small Businesses). The webinar was co-chaired by Professor Hongbiao Dong from the University of Leicester and Professor Jianliang Zhang from the University of Science and Technology Beijing. More than 400 global audiences, including experts, scholars, engineers and students, participated in this session.

During the webinar, Xinchuang Li first highlighted on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the Chinese and global steelmaking industries, the opportunities and challenges of Chinese steelmaking industry alongside high quality development measures in this new era. He then put forward strategies for high quality and green development of Chinese steelmaking industry in terms of a national strategic level from eight aspects, i.e. (1) capacity control, (2) merging and reorganization, (3)green development, (4) intelligent manufacturing, (5)low carbon development, (6)international collaboration, (7) standardization and (8) technological innovation. Chris McDonald introduced the current situation, challenges and opportunities of British steelmaking industry. He explained his understanding of "the introduction of capital investment", "low carbon metallurgical innovation" and "intelligent and green development" and other related topics. He pointed out that the vision and planning of British steel research serve not only the local steelmaking industry, but also the global green and intelligent development in collaboration with worldwide partners.

During the Q&A part, audiences from home and abroad actively discussed with the two speakers about industrial development and new technological innovation in the UK and China.

The International Steel Research Webinar Series will continue in the form of one seminar in every fortnight. The keynote speakers for the 2nd webinar will be Sir Harry Bhadeshia (Tata Steel Professor of Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge, FRS, FREng, FIMMM) and Professor Zhaoping Lv (vice president of University of Science and Technology Beijing, Director of the Chinese Society for Materials Research. The 2nd webinar will take place from 8:00 PM on July 18, 2020 ‎(Beijing time)‎.

The International Steel Research Webinar Series aims to provide an online platform for scientists, engineers, steel industry managers and policy makers to discuss the latest developments in the steelmaking industry, and promote cooperation in steel research between China and the rest of the world.

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    July 11,2020

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