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Three USTB Projects Accepted by Ministry of Education for First Batch of New Engineering Projects

Recently, the Ministry of Education (MOE) issued the “Notice of the General Office of the MOE on Releasing the Final Acceptance Results of the First Batch of New Engineering Research and Practice Projects”. All three projects that USTB applied to be part of the first batch were successfully accepted.

To meet the requirements of developing engineering training in the new era and advancing reform in engineering education, the MOE has actively promoted the application and construction of new engineering research and practice projects since 2017. USTB has attached great importance to the work and done its best to participate in it.

The project “New Technologies-Based Research and Practice on Upgrading and Transforming Traditional Predominant Engineering Disciplines" targets educational reform, industry trends and growing talent demands in mining, safety engineering and metallurgy, all of which have traditionally been dominant disciplines in USTB. By making innovations in professional development, talent training, curriculum building, innovation platforms and internationalized education, a diversified new engineering talent training program with interdisciplinary integration, innovation incentives and international vision has been established. After two years of development, many remarkable results have been achieved.

The project “Value Added Educational Collaborative Mode in Integrated Engineering Practice” is based on the Outstanding Engineers Education Training Plan, and adheres to the principle of promoting value-added education. By providing complementary and integrated platforms that are based on long-term, win-win collaboration among universities, enterprises, industries and governments, a practice and teaching mechanism that conforms to new engineering education standards has been formed. This project has won one 1st-Prize and two 2rd-Prizes of the Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award, and the MOE Excellent Partner Award of the 2018 Industry-Academia Collaborative Education Project.

The project “Discipline of Analytical Sensing Technology and Information Methodology Construction and Practice” aims to take the lead in future precision medicine and health care technology and industry. It explores cutting-edge applications of applied chemistry and biotechnology principles in health science and technology, while integrating instruments science and technology, artificial intelligence and other engineering programs into medical testing. The interdisciplinary, integrated development of science, engineering and medicine is expected to nurture exciting new engineering majors. Adhering to the principle of building disciplines that meet industry needs in new engineering construction, after two years of development, the verification and application reports for forming a new health testing engineering program have been completed. By inviting experts from academia and business to collaborate, an undergraduate training plan that matches talent demand to relevant majors of USTB has been formulated.

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    August 11,2020

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