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USTB Achieved Another Success in The 7th China International College Students' "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

The 7th China International College Students' "Internet+"Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in Nanchang University from October 12 to 15. Ms. SUN Chunlan, the member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council attended the event. In the competition, USTB won a total of 1 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze awards in the national competition, and won the gold medal of the mainland project in the main track of higher education again after 5 years. The total number of awards hit a new high. The wining projects include a number of international cooperation projects, which can effectively solve problems in science and technology, people's livelihood and other fields, contribute to the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and deeply implemented the spirit of President XI Jinping’s Reply to all USTB Pakistani International Students.

The "Medical Corrosion Technology Entrepreneurship Project based on Corrosion Big Data Technology", directed by Prof.LI Xiaogang, Prof.CHENG Xuequn, and Prof.ZHANG Dawei of the Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology and headed by PhD student WU Wei, won the Gold Award in the Teacher-Student Co-creation Category of the Higher Education Main Track. With the support of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Materials Genome Engineering and National Materials Corrosion and Protection Data Center, the team focused on the serious problem of material corrosion failure inducing malignant accidents, surrounded the theme of intelligent city construction and equipment and facility safety, established a relevant technology system based on the original theory of corrosion big data technology, combined with chip-level hardware development and machine learning algorithm optimization, and built an international leading equipment and material corrosion big data safety online monitoring and intelligent diagnosis platform. At present, the project has been applied to the BRI, China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area intelligent city construction, the State Grid, Sichuan-Tibet Railway and the National Museum of cultural heritage monitoring and other national projects and units, and achieved significant economic, social, and environmental benefits.

The “Tiangong Technology Entrepreneurship Project” was directed by Prof. LIAO Qingliang and Prof.ZHAO Xuan from School of Materials Science and Engineering, and headed by PhD student XU Liangxu, the project has won the Silver Award in the Teacher-Student Co-innovation Category of the Higher Education Main Track. The project focuses on the major needs in the era of intelligent interconnection of all things, initiating a systematic solution of “human-computer-object” ternary integration of underlying hardware technology, and develops an application-level electronic skin based on nano-sequential structure, aiming to eliminate the boundary of human-computer-object and meet the application needs of whole scenario. At present, the project has carried out in-depth cooperation with a number of enterprises and research institutions, completed the application of a number of scientific research results, and continued to empower electronic technology through flexible materials, to help the deep integration of “human-machine-object”.

The “Chihe New Porcelain Entrepreneurship” project was directed by Prof. QIN Mingli and Prof. QU Xuanhui of the Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology, and headed by PhD students ZHANG Zhirui, which won the Silver Award in the Teacher-Student Co-creation Category of the Higher Education Main Track. In order to meet the needs of China's integrated circuits and national defense weapons, the project has realized the Autonomous production of high-grade aluminum nitride powder with short process flow, low cost, high powder purity and controllable particle size morphology. At present, the project has achieved industrialization through the cooperation with Xiamen JuCi Technology Co., Ltd, solving the bottlenecks and breaking the monopoly of foreign countries on high-grade aluminum nitride powder, making aluminum nitride available and affordable in China.

The “Dingxin Titanium Entrepreneurship” Project, directed by Prof. LU Xin from the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), and headed by Prof. SUN Jianzhuo from the Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology and PhD student PAN Yu from IET, has won the Silver Award in the Graduate Student Creativity Category of the Higher Education Main Track. The project addressed the major needs of titanium materials in national defense, aviation, medical and other fields, and has created a low-cost, high-performance titanium powder injection molding technology with China's independent intellectual property rights, solving the industry problem of difficult processing and high cost of titanium alloys. At present, the project has signed technology transformation contracts with China Academy of Space Technology, China North Industries Group Corporation Limited, Panzhihua Iron and Steel and other enterprises, with remarkable economic and social benefits.

The “Wanzhong Medical Core Entrepreneurship” project, supervised by Associate Prof. XIAO Ruoxiu from the School of Computer and Communication Engineering and headed by master student CHEN Hongyu, has won the Silver Award in the Industry Proposition Track. The project uses Huawei Cloud ModelArts one-stop AI development platform to achieve rapid development, and uses the latest scientific research achievements in AI, 3D digital twin, MR, etc. to create a “medical + AI” digital twin medical platform, which can assist doctors in diagnosing clinical diseases, assist in surgery, telemedicine, and other functions, and has played an active role in the fight against epidemics. At present, it has established cooperation with more than 20 Grade-A hospitals nationwide, including the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, providing technical support for thousands of surgical cases and generating important social benefits.

The “Yibei Smart Agriculture Entrepreneurship” Project was founded by Mr. JIANG Shijie, an USTB class of 2014 alumnus from the School of Advanced Engineers, the project has won the Bronze Award in the Youth Red Dream Building Track. As one of the earliest local service providers in Kashgar who responded to the National 14th Five-Year Plan, the project has developed intelligent agricultural systems such as integrated water and fertilizer irrigation, insect trapping and reporting, and solved the problems of agricultural development in South Xinjiang with intelligent solutions. As an officer who supports Xinjiang's development, Mr. JIANG has won the 2020 Xinjiang Science and Technology Excellence Award and the title of 2020 Xinjiang Outstanding Entrepreneur.

The “Dream Space Manufacturing” project is an international collaborative project between China and Pakistan recommended by the International Student Center and supervised by Academician GE Changchun and led by PhD students M. Irfan and Ifrah Kiran, has won the Silver Award in the Higher Education Track. The project focuses on the problems of high temperature and radiation faced by materials for aerospace applications, and relies on the top science and technology research and development platform of China and Pakistan to create the first stainless steel powder gas atomization technology, which greatly reduces the cost, improves the yield, and significantly increases the cost performance. Chinese youth and Pakistani youth engaged in joint research, sharing, achieve win-win results, and making scientific and technological contributions to community with a shared future for mankind.

In addition, the “Graphene Bright Science and Technology” project, an international project recommended by Shunde Graduate School, has won the silver prize in the Main Track of the Higher Education, and the “Promising” project and the “Tian Lin UAV” project, has won the bronze prizes. The international project of “Ti TECH”, recommended by the Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology and the “Environmentally Friendly Coating for Marine Application Project”,  recommended by the School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering has won the bronze prizes in the Main Track of High Education.

The 7th China International College Students’“Internet+”Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was co-sponsored by 12 national ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Jiangxi Province. More than 2.28 million projects and 9.56 million participants from 4,347 colleges and universities from 121 countries and regions at home and abroad participated in the event.

USTB has been preparing the competition since November 2020. With high attention and support of the University Party Committee, led by USTB Youth League Committee, and cooperated with the Department of Academic Affairs, the Graduate School, the International Student Center, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center and other schools to carry out project exploration, training and guidance to help our  entrepreneurial team achieve great success.

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    October 30,2021

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