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Prof. LIN Hai Receives the 2020 “Outstanding Contribution to Green Mine Award”

Recently, Prof. LIN Hai, the director of the Environmental Biotechnology and Environmental Materials Development Team, was honored by the Zhongguancun Green Mine Industry Alliance and achieved the Zhongguancun Green Industry Alliance's “Outstanding Contribution Individual” award.


The commendation is mainly aimed at organizations and individuals who have dedicated outstanding contributions to the development of green mines and related industries by leading the progress of the industry, setting benchmarks, promoting discipline development, as well as in R&D of core technologies in key areas.

The prize aims to develop and upgrade green mining industry in China, implement the guidelines from  Implementation Opinions on Accelerating   the Construction of Green Mines put in place by six national ministries and commissions, the issuance and implementation of national green mine construction specifications by nine industries and the suggestions on green mine and ecological development made by the Ministry of Natural Resources.


Professor LIN Hai has led his team for many years in the field of environmental pollution control and ecological restoration in mines, and has developed a number of key core technologies to build a safe line of defense for the ecological environment of mines.

Recognition and awards are not the end of the journey for them. Under the leadership of Prof. LIN Hai, the Environmental Biotechnology and Environmental Materials Development Team will continually contribute to the development of green mines by shouldering mine revitalization through technology and talents as their main tasks, carrying forward the scientific and technological innovation and enhancing the groundbreaking capability.

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    April 26,2021

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