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Vice Chancellor of USTB Investigated and Surveyed the ZIIAB Experimental Base at Pinggu District

On August 24, Prof. SUN Jinghong, Vice Chancellor of USTB and his delegation visited to the experimental base of Zhongguancun International Institute of Agriculture and Biology (ZIIAB) at Pinggu District, Beijing, to investigate and survey the scientific and technological innovation of biological breeding.

Prof. Sun and his delegation visited the research laboratory under construction of ZIIAB and the experimental base of crop breeding located in Yukou Town of Pinggu District. They listened to the on-site report on biological breeding technological innovation by Prof. WAN Xiangyuan, leader of the research institute and the innovation team. The delegation also paid a visit to the staffs and students carrying out the research work at the base.

Prof. SUN said that the ZIIAB at Beijing is an important platform for the school to develop the emerging disciplines in biology and agriculture, and USTB will continue to support the innovative development of the institute, and priovide effective guarantee from policies, talent, and other aspects.

Prof. SUN expected the research institute and the innovation team to a solid job on biological breeding science and technology innovation, strengthen docking the policies, projects, and achievements with the relevant departments in Beijing and Pinggu District. In accordance with the innovation idea of " integration of agricultural and industry", the Institute should expand and strength its brand and influence, contributing to the national food security, seed industry security and the construction of Beijing international science and technology innovation center.

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    August 26,2021

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