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A Special Issue on USTB-RWTH Aachen’s 40 Years of Collaboration Released

A release conference for a special issue on USTB–RWTH Aachen’s 40 years of collaboration in the International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials (IJMMM) sponsored by USTB was held, hoping to strengthen academic cooperation and exchanges, and enhance the international influence of academic results of the two sides.

The event took place both in-person and online, with Prof. WU Aixiang, Vice President of USTB, the chief editor of the IJMMM, Prof. BAO Yanping, guest editor-in-chief of the special issue, professor of the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Metallurgy, Ms. LIU Jie, Director of RWTH Aachen Liaison Office in China, and Mr. DU Shengyong, Secretary-General of the Aachen Alumni Association attending at the main venue of USTB Library. The attendees also included invited authors from home and abroad, leaders from the Office of International Affairs and relevant schools at USTB, and representatives of teachers and graduate students. Mr. HUANG Donghua, editorial director of the IJMMM, presided over the meeting .

On behalf of USTB and the Journal’s editorial board, Prof. WU Aixiang expressed his welcome and gratitude to the attendees. He noted that the special issue would witness 40-year of cooperation between USTB and RWTH Aachen University, and would collect numerous high-quality papers that could enhance the academic quality and international influence of the Journal.

Ms. BAN Xiaojuan, Deputy Director of the Office of International Affairs, reviewed the history and current situation of cooperation between the two sides and looked forward to further cooperation. Ms. LIU Jie reviewed important historical points in the past cooperation, and she pointed out that both sides were anticipating a model of all-round, wide-ranging and more diversified cooperation within a new framework. Prof. BAO Yanping introduced the origins of the special issue and its organization process and overall information.

Mr. JIANG Wei, Deputy editor-in-chief of the IJMMM and Deputy Director of the Journal Center, introduced the Journal’s current status, its progress and development goals.

Prof. WU Aixiang and Prof. BAO Yanping also presented the journals to the invited authors, teachers, and graduate students on site.

The experts also conducted in-depth discussions on how to make the scientific journal more authoritative and influential, how to attract excellent manuscript sources, especially international manuscript sources, how to speed up the publication cycle, and how to adopt new media to improve the visibility and international influence of the Journal.

Finally, Ms. JI Shujuan, Director of Journal Center, made a summary of the meeting.

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    Research Highlights

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    May 28,2021

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