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Prof. CHENG Yufeng, Academician of the Royal Society of Canada, Attended the 113th Lecture of the China Distinguished Materials Scientists Forum

On November 4th, the 113th lecture of the China Distinguished Materials Scientists Forum was held in the USTB Academic Conference Hall. Prof. CHENG Yufeng, an academician of the Royal Society of Canada, was invited to make an academic report on the topic of the Theory and Application of Gas-phase hydrogen Embrittlement. Prof. WANG Luning, Vice President of USTB and Executive Dean of Materials Science and Engineering; Prof. LIAO Qingliang, Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE); Ms. LI Qian, Secretary General of the Party Committee at the Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology, Prof. DONG Chaofang, Associate Dean of Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology, Prof. YAN Yu, Associate Director of Office of Strategic Planning, attended the Forum. Teachers of MSE and a total of 150 students have attended the report. Prof. LIAO Qingliang presided over the report and introduced the scientific research direction and academic achievements of Prof. CHENG Yufeng.

1.jpgProf. CHENG Yufeng delivered a report

Prof. CHENG Yufeng carried out a detailed report on the current situation of large-scale, long-distance, and efficient storage and transportation of hydrogen energy and the problem of hydrogen embrittlement of steel pipelines in a high-pressure gas-phase hydrogen environment. In his opinion, as a clean fuel, hydrogen plays an important role in the background of international energy transformation. Meanwhile, currently, the use of long-distance pipelines (especially existing natural gas pipelines) for large-scale, long-distance, and efficient hydrogen transmission has been listed as a priority technology for hydrogen energy development strategies by many countries. For the hydrogen embrittlement problem of carbon steel pipeline in a high-pressure gas phase hydrogen environment, he systematically analyzed the uniqueness of hydrogen embrittlement in a high-pressure gas phase environment and proposed the key technology to study the interaction between hydrogen and iron atoms and the occurrence of gas-phase hydrogen embrittlement. He said we should develop the adaptability evaluation technology of hydrogen blending transportation of natural gas pipelines in service as soon as possible to accelerate China's hydrogen energy economic development and energy transformation.


Prof. WANG Luning presented the memorial plate to Prof. CHENG

The content of the report is fascinating. Prof. WANG Luning presented the memorial plate of the China Distinguished Materials Scientists Forum. After the report, Prof. CHENG Yufeng answered the questions from teachers and students. He talked about self-experience and encouraged students to develop the habit of autonomous learning and lifelong learning, teaching students to know more about the frontier research results in the field of research. Prof. CHENG Yufeng has given an excellent report and helped students know the requirements of energy transformation and the problem of hydrogen translation technology, expanded students' scientific views, and proposed a new idea for the study and scientific research of students.

3.jpgGroup photo

Since the China Distinguished Materials Scientists Forum was held in 2003, we have invited 113 professors and scholars from domestic and foreign to give academic reports and frontier sharing of materials science, including Prof. SHI Changxu, Prof. XU Kuangdi, Prof. KE Jun, Prof. GE Changchun, Prof. Jürgen Rödel, Prod. XIE Jianxin, Prof. David Srolovitz, Prof. MAO Xinping, Prof. ZHANG Yue, Prof. XU Nanping. The forum is an important and influential academic brand activity.

4.jpgAt the Forum

Prof. CHENG Yufeng is an academician of the Royal Society of Canada and a tenured professor at the University of Calgary. He is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Pipeline Engineering at the University of Calgary, Head of the Center of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Outstanding Canadian Materials Scientist, and editor of the  Journal of Pipeline Science and Engineering.  Prof. CHENG has long been engaged in material science, electrochemical corrosion, and structural integrity research of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and natural gas pipelines. He has made pioneering achievements in the study of high-pressure gas-phase hydrogen-iron atom interaction and gaseous hydrogen embrittlement of pipelines. The achievements are useful to develop the adaptability evaluation technology of hydrogen-doped transportation of in-service natural gas pipelines and accelerating the economic development and energy transformation of hydrogen energy. He published 4 research monographs, published more than 310 SCI papers, quoted more than 17,000 times, had an H-index of 78, and ranked among the world's six ten thousand influential scientists in materials science. He won the Uhlig Award and Technical Achievement Award of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), the Brian Ives Award of the American Society for Materials (ASM), the Oladis Troconis de Rincon Award of the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), Outstanding Lecture Award of CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum), Metal Chemistry Award of the Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM (MetSoc), Gold Medal of the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM), etc. He is also a fellow of NACE, ICorr, IMMM, IAAM, and CSCP.

Draft: YANG Lindi

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    November 13,2023

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