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USTB 2021 Undergraduates Won the First National Excellent Undergraduate Graduation Thesis (Design) of Energy and Power Major

Recently, after the evaluation of the expert committee and the Ministry of Education (MOE) Higher Education Energy and Power Steering Committee approved, a total of 102 works were selected as the first session of the National Excellent Undergraduate Graduation Thesis (Design) online exhibition of outstanding works. Among them, two of the graduation thesis by USTB class of 2017 students were selected: Mr. WANG Yicheng’s “NOx Hydrophobic Adsorbent Material Preparation and Technical Analysis” supervised by Prof. LI Ziyi; and Mr. ZHU Lidong’s “Experimental Research on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Micron Phase Change Particle Thermal Control Fluid Flow” supervised by Prof. XU Qian.


The School of Energy and Environmental Engineering attaches great importance to undergraduate education, the major of Energy and Power Engineering has been selected into the National First-Class Undergraduate Major Construction Site and "Key First-Class Construction Majors" of Beijing universities. The School adheres to the fundamental task of establishing moral education and "people-oriented", constantly strengthens the central position of talent training, and strictly demands the quality of graduation thesis (design).

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    Student Life

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    October 01,2021

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