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The 27th USTB Student Club Culture Festival Showcased on Campus

The 27th USTB Student Club Culture Festival was showcased in the north square of the Student Dormitory No.2 on May 9th. Three clubs, "imusic" music club, "Ironshell" rap club, and "Justb dance" square dancing club, were presented at the event; the programs of each club were full of youth and vitality, and the atmosphere was active and enthusiastic, attracting many students to come and watch.


Site of the Culture Festival


The performance of the "imusic" music club

The first to perform was the "imusic" music club, who presented their original song "Wind that Chases the Star" and "Flowers". The band's live performance set a warm atmosphere, and the songs' beautiful melodies and sincere feelings affected every audience present.


The performance of the "Ironshell" rap club

Next up was the "Ironshell" rap club, who performed "Head Over Heels" and "Planetfall". These two songs praised friendship and celebrated love, telling everyone to cherish their time and forget their trouble. The shows were full of dynamic beats and rousing melodies as the audience waved their hands and moved to the rhythm.


The performance of the “Justb dance” square dancing club

Finally, the "Justb dance" square dancing club brought a burning dance crosstalk, showing the unique charm of square dance. They used 3 songs with different styles, presenting the passion and vitality of square dance lovers. Accompanied by the light and fast beats, the dances blossomed in the center of the stage, pushing the atmosphere of this demonstration to the climax.

After enjoying the wonderful performance, students went to the display area of every club to learn more about the club's culture and participated in the prize quiz and lucky draw of each club, where they were all awarded exquisite prizes and left a unique afternoon souvenir.

At this point, the first phase of the USTB Student Club Culture Festival has come to a successful conclusion, and the subsequent Club Culture Festival will be held on Thursdays at noon.

5.jpgGroup photo

The success of the USTB Student Culture Festival is inseparable from the university's great attention and strong support for the work of the student clubs. In the future, the USTB student clubs will continue to forge ahead on building the USTB campus culture with a more spirited attitude, highlighting the vitality and style of USTB students.

Draft: LI Shanlu

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    May 16,2024

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