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"The Road to AI" USTB Students Studying AI Visited 10 AI Companies with Students from 7 Other Universities

From November to December, the Postgraduate Student Union of the USTB School of Intelligence Science and Technology grouped up with the Postgraduate Student Union of 7 universities in Beijing, including the Institute of Automation, China Academy of Sciences; Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing Jiaotong University, and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the universities organized "The Road to AI - Colleges and Enterprises Tour." The Artificial Intelligence students visited 10 industry-leading AI companies, including Meituan, Kwai, JD, Jizhi Future Technology, Tencent, Xiaomi, Huawei, Baidu, ByteDance, and TuSimple.


Through in-depth visits to the AI companies, students not only gained a comprehensive understanding of the latest technological developments of each company, such as Huawei's Large Model technology, Tencent's automatic driving, and other cutting-edge fields but also witnessed the work site and obtained first-hand recruitment information. After communicating with relevant technical experts, students gained a lot and laid a solid foundation for their future career development.


In the integrated command center of Meituan, students carefully watched the big data and technology product display. On the Kwai company site, they discussed the large model development and AI scientific research results with the algorithm engineers. On the JD company site, they learned about the relationship between big data and the supply chain. At the Jizhi Future Technology site, they got another in-depth understanding of the technological evolution of the large model industry and the industrial trend. In addition, students visited the Tencent showroom to learn about cloud servers, QQ, WeChat, and other businesses. They experienced Xiaomi's IOT devices and felt the convenience and comfort of life, learned about Huawei's achievements, such as the construction of the intelligent world and the city operation command center, visited Baidu's technological products on display, learned about ByteDance's scientific and technological innovations, social responsibility, and TuSimple's scale, products, algorithms, and engineering realization Programs.

These companies have shown their core business and technical results. Meanwhile, they emphasized the need for AI students to enhance their exploration of industry frontiers and technological innovation. In addition, each enterprise also introduced its recruitment plan and talent demand in detail. Ms. XUE Rong from Meituan shared the talent echelon construction, corporate culture, and recruitment plan. The HR from Kwai introduced the history of enterprise and prospects, as well as the in-depth integration of social platforms. JD emphasized the company's cultivation, welfare, and school recruitment program. Xiaomi introduced the "Future Star Program" and other talent recruitment and training programs. Huawei shared the core departments, school recruitment time, interview process, and other dry goods. ByteDance shared the advice on job searching and the sharing of alumni. Baidu and TuSimple introduced the various types of positions and the recruitment process and emphasized the company's lucrative treatment and good prospects for development.

During each station, students actively asked questions and had in-depth exchanges with company representatives on topics such as recruitment and career development, corporate culture and cutting-edge technologies, technology evolution, and future trends.

The activity "The Road to AI" not only provides students who are looking for jobs or internships with very valuable information about cutting-edge companies and clear career direction but also further promotes the development of the AI Colleges and Universities Alliance and contributes to USTB Intelligence's strength in building a diversified platform for postgraduate academic exchanges and cooperation.

Draft: YANG Lindi

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    Student Life

  • Date

    January 09,2024

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