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USTB held the 4th Session of Friday's Humanities Concert

On May 17th, the 4th session of Friday's Humanities Concert was staged in the square in the northwest of Student Dormitory No.2. This concert, as one of the important performances of the 8th Traditional Culture Festival, aimed at showing the achievement of the USTB's aesthetic education and promote the inheritance and innovation of China's splendid traditional culture. Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, Prof. WANG Luning, and Prof. HUANG Wunan, Vice Presidents of USTB, presented at the outdoor concert.


At the Concert


"Walk of the Elephant King" performed by the USTB Humanities Orchestra

The concert opened with the majestic tune of the piece "Walk of the Elephant King". This piece was played by the USTB Humanities Orchestra, and the ensemble of multiple instruments showed the scene of "warhorses gallop at speed of top steeds, bows twang like thunders as arrows let by," and the silence at the end of the piece was thick, which pulled the thoughts that had drifted away for thousands of years back to the reality, and let the audience feel the magnanimity of the Chinese culture and weight of history.


"Child Cowherd" performed by LIN Xuanzhou

LIN Xuanzhou's bamboo flute solo has a melodious and quiet style, and its bright and refreshing melody pulls the audience into the world of the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The flexible use of flat blow and tonguing technique was rich in lyrical folk song colors, which made the music more vivid, winning bursts of applause from the audience.


"Azalea" performed by GAO Yuan

While the sound of the bamboo flute was fading, the sound of the dulcimer began rising. The whole piece "Azalea" was bright and excited, with a beautiful melody and a limpid timbre. GAO Yuan fully expressed the reverence of people towards heroes, the feeling of missing their families, and the longing for better lives.

5.jpg“High Mountains and Flowing Water” performed by XU Xinyuan and HOU Xixiaoyi

The guzheng duet "High Mountains and Flowing Water", with its gradual rise in tune, led the audience to travel between the mountains and the water. The two players' fingertips danced and became one with the guzheng, showing the charm of the music. As the music progressed, the sound of the zither changed from thick and beautiful to light and smooth, giving people a feeling of the spirit of flowing water. As the music faded, the melody was long and far-reaching with a lingering finish.


"Sing a Folk Song to the Party" performed by the Humanities Orchestra

The "Sing a Folk Song to the Party," conducted by Professor HAN Xuezhou, Associate Head of Humanistic Quality Education Center and Associate Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, played by the Humanities Orchestra, sung by Ms. LIU Yujie, was impassioned and vehement, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.


“Dance of the Yi People” performed by MENG Xi

Ms. MENG Xi’s pipa solo had a beautiful melody and a rough rhythm. This piece of music is rich in ethnic customs and expressiveness, making the listener seem to be in the intoxicating night of the Yi family cottage and the scene of Yi people dancing happily.


“Spring Visiting Xiangjiang River” performed by GUO Shirui

The performer of “Spring Visiting Xiangjiang River,” GUO Shirui, integrated her feelings into the tune, and through the ups and downs and changes of the music, showing the beauty of the vibrant spring colors on both sides of the Xiang River and the people's hot energy to build their homes.


University leaders at the Concert

At this point, the 4th session of Friday's Humanities Concert came to a successful end. The student audience said that each piece of this concert was like a dialogue through time and space, from the national style of "Walk of The Elephant King" to the idyllic style of "Child Cowherd", and then to the red classics of "Sing a Folk Song to the Party", which not only demonstrated the charm of music but also the vivid embodiment of cultural heritage. This is not only a concert, but also a baptism of the soul, allowing the audience to feel the infinite charm of music.

Prof. YIN Zhaohua, Director of the Department of Public Affairs and Communications, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Marxism Studies, Mr. JIANG Tao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Administrative, and other relevant personnel from different departments and schools of USTB showed at the Concert.

Draft: LI Shanlu

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    May 27,2024

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