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Mr. LU Chunning, Deputy General Manager of Liuzhou Steel Group and Delegation Visited USTB for Cooperation and Exchange

On January 11th, Mr. LU Chunning, Deputy General Manager of Liuzhou Steel Group, led his delegation to USTB to investigate and carry out cooperation and exchange. Prof. ZHANG Weidong, Vice President of USTB, Prof. MAO Xinping, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Dean of the Institute for Carbon Neutrality, attended the activity. The symposium was chaired by Prof. ZHANG Xiaofeng, Dean of the USTB Department of Technology Transfer.

1.jpgProf. ZHANG Weidong spoke at the meeting

At the symposium, Prof. ZHANG Weidong pointed out in his speech that Liuzhou Steel and USTB have deep contact and frequent interactions. He hoped to take this exchange as an opportunity to continue to deepen the cooperation between the two sides in the fields of scientific research, talent cultivation, technology exchange, results transformation, and constantly improve the level and connotation of cooperation, and work together to promote the high-quality development of the industry, the construction of the world’s scientific and technological power, and realize the scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement to make greater contributions.

2.jpgMr. LU Chunning spoke at the meeting

Mr. LU Chunning said that Liuzhou Steel had formed a synergistic development map of “one body, two wings, and multiple bases” centered on the production base of the Group's headquarters in Liuzhou, with the iron and steel base in Fangchenggang and the stainless-steel base in Yulin as the two wings. At present, the group is in the key stage of transformation to high-end, low-carbon, and green, and he hoped that with the school in strategic cooperation on the basis of further realizing the project to cultivate talent, talent-driven development, and help the group's high-quality development.

3.jpgProf. MAO Xinping spoke at the meeting

Prof. MAO Xinping pointed out that the current iron and steel industry is highly competitive and will be in a downward cycle for quite a long time in the future. Science and technology innovation will be the most important competitiveness of iron and steel enterprises in the future. Universities should deepen their cooperation with enterprises, vigorously promote organized scientific research, realize the cooperation platform and mechanism, and solve the problems around the needs of the enterprises in a targeted and continuous manner.

4.jpgSite of the meeting

Subsequently, Prof. WANG Shuize, Associate Dean of the Institute for Carbon Neutrality; Prof. XING Yi, Dean of the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering; Prof. ZHANG Yongjun, Dean of the Institute of Engineering and Technology; Prof. HE Anrui, Director of Collaborative Innovation Center of Steel Technology, Prof. HE Dongfeng, Associate Dean of School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering, Mr. JIAO Kexin, made reports successively, introducing their respective research directions, key achievements and applications, and so on.

Relevant personnel from different departments of Liuzhou Steel Group and the responsible officials from the Department of Technology Transfer, School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering, School of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Collaborative Innovation Center of Steel Technology, Institute for Carbon Neutrality and other units of USTB participated in the symposium.

Draft: YANG Lindi

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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  • Date

    January 29,2024

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