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USTB Held the Inaugural Meeting of USTB-IAAT

On the morning of November 16th, USTB held the inaugural meeting of USTB’s International Alumni Association for Thai Students (USTB-IAAT). Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB; Prof. YU Chengwen, Vice Chancellor of USTB; Prof. WANG Luning, Vice President of USTB; Mr. HE Jin,Head of Office of the Alumni Association; Mr. YANG Zhiguo, Associate Head of the Alumni Association Office; Director Prof. ZHAO Baoyong, Head of International Student Center; Mr. LI Baoming and Mr. Zhang Hu, Associate Heads of International Student Center; and members of the USTB-IAAT and international student representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Prof. ZHAO Baoyong.1.jpgOn behalf of the USTB, Prof. YANG Renshu congratulated the establishment of USTB-IAAT. He pointed out that alumni are always the most valuable wealth and resource of the Alma mater, and the most solid and reliable force for the development of the Alma mater. The establishment of USTB-IAAT has promoted the deep integration of USTB’s international culture and education, enhanced the internationalization of the school, and implemented the Spirit of President XI Jinping’s Important Reply to All Pakistani Students of USTB. It is hoped that the USTB-IAAT will pave the way for alumni entrepreneurship and innovation through solid services, contribute to the construction of USTB, and truly become a spiritual home for alumni and a bridge for Sino-foreign exchanges.2.jpg3.jpgProf. YU Chengwen unveiled the conference plaque with Thai students and awarded the conference flag to USTB-IAAT. Prof. WANG Luning issued the letters of appointment to the president, vice president and secretary-general of USTB-IAAT.4.jpgThe conference reviewed and approved the charter of USTB-IAAT and the list of proposed members of the first board of directors, and the list of proposed members of the first president, vice president and secretary-general.

Mr. Vichit Lolurlert, USTB class of 1960 undergraduate alumni, chairman of Thailand-China Nonferrous Metals International Co., Ltd., chairman of Chinese Teachers (Thailand) Association, and honorary chairman of Thai Alumni Association, has an important influence in the field of nonferrous metal trade in Thailand. Over the years, he has vigorously promoted Chinese language education and made outstanding contributions to promoting the popularization of Chinese language education and enhancing the trade, economic and cultural exchanges between China and Thailand. In his speech, he recalled the gratifying changes he saw when he returned to his Alma mater five years ago and expressed his gratitude and yearning for his Alma mater. He expressed his hope that the Alumni Association would carry out flexible activities, build a platform for mutual assistance and cooperation, and contribute to the development of the Alma mater and the exchanges between China and Thailand.

In her speech, Ms. Wattanapornprom Watcharee, a class of 2010 PhD alumnae and president of the USTB-IAAT, she hoped to bring alumni closer to the Alma mater and play to the role of IAAT in gathering talents and resources. Ms. Nitchanan Phannawong, a class of 2014 master alumni and Secretary-General of IAAT, delivered a report on the preparations for the association.

Representatives of the USTB Guangdong Alumni Association and the USTB Pakistani International Students Alumni Association sent congratulatory speeches for the establishment of USTB-IAAT and expressed the hope that under the leadership of USTB, the interactive exchanges will be further strengthened, pass on alumni friendship and help the development of the Alma mater.5.jpgThe USTB-TAAT is the second alumni association of international students in China established by the school after the Pakistani International Students Alumni Association. Starting from the Alumni associations for international students from Pakistan and Thailand, USTB will continue to promote the construction of alumni associations for international students, promote the internationalization and cross-cultural development, and contribute to promoting people-to-people connection and building a global community of shared future.

Draft: Xiaoqing Hou

Revision: Mingyuan Cheng

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    December 07,2021

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