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USTB held the XI Jinping and College Students Book Sharing Meeting for International Students

On December 26th, the XI Jinping and College Students Book Sharing Meeting for International Students was held in the USTB Auditorium & Staff Activity Hall. Mr. Shapkat Wushur, Secretary of the Secretariat of the CYLC Central Committee, Vice Chairman of the All-China Youth Federation, Ms. DONG Xia, Ministerial of the CYLC Central Committee International Department, Deputy Secretary-General of the All-China Youth Federation, Ms. ZHENG Han, Deputy Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Ministry of Education, Mr. LI Zhaoping, Deputy Editor of China Youth Publishing Group, Mr. FU Zhen, Deputy Ministerial of International Department of CYLC Beijing, Mr. WU Guilng, Chancellor of USTB, Prof. YU Chengwen, Vice Chancellor of USTB, attended the meeting. Representatives of universities in Beijing, heads of relevant departments and schools, representatives of international students in China, and Chinese students participated in the event.


Attendees first visited the Exhibition Hall of Important Reply Letters. Before the visit, Ms. WANG Li, Secretary General of the USTB Communist Youth League Committee, introduced the results of USTB's practical education model of "one center, two leaders, three in one, four guarantees and five dimensions."


Student Representatives Explained the Achievements of XI Jinping and College Students Reading Activity Series "Leader of a Great Nation, Good Teacher, and Friend."

Afterward, during the explanation by the representatives of Chinese and foreign students, the guests studied and watched the exhibition of XI Jinping and College Students Reading Activity Series "Leader of a Great Nation, Good Teacher, and Friend" and revisited the spirit and connotation of the book. Following the main video of XI Jinping and College Students  Book Sharing Meeting, all the guests and audience once again felt the earnest advice of General Secretary XI Jinping.

3.jpgMr. WU Guilong delivered a speech

In Mr. WU Guilong's speech, he expressed his respect to CYLC for setting up the exchange platform and guiding the activities and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the departments of CYLC, the departments, and bureaus of the Ministry of Education, as well as all the sister colleges and universities that have always cared about and supported the work of USTB. He pointed out that XI Jinping and College Students allowed everyone to cross time and space, be immersed in the scene, feel President XI's earnest concern, and devote instruction to friends of college students. The book could give unlimited hope and warm expectations for young people in the new era and realize the heavy weight of the cause of education, talent cultivation, and the growth of students in the leader's heart to inspire and encourage college students to study diligently, to love study, to read books, and to strive to grow up to be a pillar of talent. The Book Sharing Meeting was precisely a summary condensation and sublimation of the spirit and concepts contained in XI Jinping and College Students. Mr. WU Guilong proposed three initiatives for participating teachers and students, to realize the wisdom of leaders and build up lofty ideals in reading and sharing, to build bridges of friendship and tell China’s story, and to enhance their own skills and applicate knowledge.

4.jpgInternational Students shared their reading experiences

During the sharing session, focusing on the spirit of the important letter and the reading experience, through the three chapters of "Cultivation, Struggle and Ideal," the Chinese and foreign students shared the five chapters of the book, namely, "Our Great President," "' Button Right' in the Early Days of Our Life," "Conduct More Cross-disciplinary Research," "Look for Hardship," and "Bring Our Talents into Fully Play in Society," which more vividly demonstrated and interpreted the understanding of the spirit of the book by the Chinese and foreign students.


HOU Yifan, and CAO Binhai, who are written in the book, shared their story

To delve deeper into the lives of characters from books, reflecting on past experiences, the event has been organized featuring two distinguished individuals, CAO Binghai from China Agricultural University and HOU Yifan from Peking University, both embodying the essence of "characters from books." They will join student representatives from various countries in narrating their stories and sharing insights gained from their reading journeys. This unique gathering aims to provide guidance for both Chinese and international students to better comprehend and internalize the crucial discourse by General Secretary XI on the growth and development of college students.

6.jpgMr. Shapkat Wushur summarized the meeting

Afterward, Mr. Shapkat Wushur, representing the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the National Student Federation, extended heartfelt congratulations on the successful organization of the book-sharing event. He commended the students for their tangible growth achieved through reading and expressed gratitude to the school for its support in editing and publishing the book. Mr. Shapkat Wushur reflects on the touching moments during the sharing and interview sessions, expressing his joy at witnessing everyone approaching reading with a thirst for knowledge. He acknowledged that the participants had gained profound insights into life and had effectively addressed real-life challenges through reading, demonstrating a commendable attitude towards personal and intellectual growth. Mr. Shapkat Wushur shared three insightful pieces of advice with international students studying in China. Firstly, he emphasized the importance of deeply understanding President XI's high regard and earnest expectations for the younger generation. Secondly, he urged students to conscientiously perceive the correct path for the healthy growth of the youth. Thirdly, he encouraged them to compile President XI's caring stories, memories, and scenes from the book into a guidebook for effectively carrying out youth work. In conclusion, he expressed hope that international students would become ambassadors of youth, fostering cross-cultural understanding and gaining a genuine understanding of China. Mr. Shapkat Wushur encouraged them to become practical contributors to creating a better future, addressing challenges such as climate change, food crises, and energy security while upholding true multilateralism and actively working towards building a community of shared future for mankind.

7.jpgBook-giving ceremony

After the sharing Meeting, Ms. DONG Xia, Mr. LI Zhaoping, Prof. YU Chengwen, Mr. QIN Tao, Deputy Director of the National Youth Research Center and member of the editorial team for XI Jinping and College Students,  presented copies of the book to representatives from 11 universities in Beijing. The aim is to inspire young people, both domestic and international, to carry forward the spirit encapsulated in the book and to put it into practice in their future endeavors.

The book-sharing event, characterized by its rich content and innovative approaches, covered four dimensions: knowledge, emotions, attitudes, and actions. It was structured around three main themes—self-cultivation, striving, and ideals—threaded throughout the event. Through a variety of formats, such as exhibitions of reading activity outcomes, personal experiences, dramatic presentations, and interviews with notable figures, the event constituted a distinctive "Chinese Context Education Classroom." It held significant educational value for both domestic and international students, offering them an opportunity to deepen their understanding and practical application of President XI's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. The aim is to cultivate a new generation of youth who are idealistic, responsible, resilient, and ready to strive in the new era. USTB will continue to implement the spirit of President XI's important reply, fostering more international talents who are knowledgeable about China. Together with young students from China and abroad, the university aims to contribute the wisdom and strength of USTB to the cause of international education in China.

Draft: YANG Lindi

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    January 05,2024

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