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USTB held a Symposium on the 2nd Anniversary of the Spirit of President XI Jinping's Important Reply to all Pakistani Students

On the morning of May 17, the 2nd anniversary symposium of studying and implementing the spirit of President XI Jinping's important reply to all Pakistani students in the university was held online. Mr. WU Guilong, Chancellor of the university, attended the symposium and gave a speech; Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, presided over the symposium. All the leaders and the members of the party committee and the standing committee in USTB attended the symposium.

1.jpgPresident YANG hosted the symposium

At the meeting, Prof. YIN Shenghua, Dean of the School of Civil and Resources Engineering, mainly introduced five construction plans of the school, including those of internationalization and education organization system for international students, discipline majors, curriculum system, teaching teams, and teaching and research platform. In addition, he particularly analyzed current problems and future plans. Prof. GU Wei, Dean of the School of Economics and Management, introduced specific practices and practical experience of international student cultivation in the three aspects of systematic planning, professional training, and educational results.


Representatives of the faculty gave speeches

Prof. NING Huansheng from the School of Computer and Communication Engineering, as a supervisor representative, deeply elaborated on his concepts and specific practices of international student training around the three dimensions of international student value training, teaching adaptation, and mechanism guarantee. Prof. ZHANG Lingling from the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering shared her training experience for international students as a representative of course teachers for international students from five aspects: international student training program, training experiences, training characteristics, training methods, and training concepts.

International student representatives: Mr. Mughal Muhammad Arif, a Ph.D. student from Pakistan; Mr. Sattar Abdul, a Ph.D. student from Pakistan; Mr. Ullah Midrar, a Ph.D. student from Pakistan; Mr. Ziar Nazar Mohammad, a master's student from Afghanistan; Ms. Prasnakorn Taechinee, a master's student from Thailand; and Mr. Haeyoung Choi, an undergraduate student from the Republic of Korea; spoke at the symposium as international student representatives. They expressed their gratitude to the Chinese government represented by President Xi Jinping for its care and love for all international students studying in China equally and expressed their admiration for the Chinese government's determination to always adhere to a dynamic zero-COVID policy.

Mr. Sattar said that the reply from President XI Jinping has completely changed his life and given him great confidence and courage. Mr. Choi said that he felt President XI Jinping's ardent expectations from the reply and hoped that he would be able to devote himself to the dissemination of splendid Chinese culture in the future and build a bridge of friendship between the people of China and South Korea.

3.jpgRepresentatives of international students gave speeches

Chancellor WU Guilong firstly expressed his regard and gratitude to all the teachers, students, and staff in USTB for their great contributions to the development of the university's reform cause through studying and implementing the spirit of President XI Jinping's important reply in the past two years. He stressed that President XI's important reply was rich in connotation and profound in guidance, which pointed out the direction for education for international students and the opening up of education in the new era. He hoped that all teachers, students, and staff should deeply understand the spirit and connotation of the important reply and regard the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind as the highest realm of the university spirit whilst profoundly grasping the historical positioning, essential requirements, struggle direction and target achievements of colleges and universities in this great project. With the huge responsibility of high-quality education for international students in mind, all of them should support USTB’s coordination of all efforts to complete key undertakings, which means strengthening the overall synergy, subjective initiative, research initiative, and typical demonstration so as to systematically build an integrated work pattern of teaching, management, research, and training. Besides, it is necessary to deeply understand the significance of the opening up of education in the new era. The university should actively expand the range of international cooperation, promote the internationalization construction of the faculty and enhance the international influence of scientific research. In addition, USTB should create a practical and competitive atmosphere for its construction of a world-class university and achieve new breakthroughs.

4.jpgChancellor WU addressed the symposium

Heads of relevant functional departments and the teaching and training unit of USTB attended the symposium.

Draft: GUO Qiuju

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    May 20,2022

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