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USTB Held the Signing and Awarding Ceremony of University-Enterprise Collaboration with CSCEC-Taisei

On the morning of July 6th, the signing and awarding ceremony of the university-enterprise collaboration between USTB and CSCEC-Taisei Green Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CSCEC-Taisei”) was held at the fifth Conference room at Techart Plaza, USTB. CSCEC-Taisei donated funds to USTB to set up the "CSCEC-Taisei Sailing Scholarship" for the cultivation of students at the School of Mathematics and Physics.

Prof. WANG Luning, Vice President of USTB attended the signing ceremony. Mr. XU Tao, President of CSCEC-Taisei; Ms. XIANG Juan, Vice Chancellor of CSCEC-Taisei; Ms. WANG Xiaojie, General Manager of CSCEC-Taisei as well as Ms. HE Jin, Director of Office of the Alumni Association and Office of the USTB Education Development; and Prof. ZHANG Junyan, Secretary of the Party Committee at the School of Mathematics and Physics; Ms. BAI Yunfei and Mr. LIU Dongyang, Vice Deans of the School of Mathematics and Physics attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Prof. PANG Xiaolu, Dean of the School of Mathematics and Physics.

The signing ceremony


The unveiling ceremony

At the signing and awarding ceremony, Mr. XU Tao and Prof. Wang Luning signed the university-enterprise collaboration framework agreement, Ms. WANG Xiaojie and Ms. HE Jin signed the scholarship donation agreement, and Prof. WANG Luning presented the donation certificate to Mr. XU Tao, and jointly unveiled the "CSCEC-Taisei-USTB Joint Innovation Laboratory".

After the ceremony, the participants had discussions and exchanges.


Mr. XU Tao speaking

Mr. XU Tao thanked the university for its attention to the university-enterprise collaboration and expressed good wishes for the opening of the "Joint Innovation Laboratory". As the first sino-foreign joint venture construction enterprise since the founding of the People's Republic of China, CSCEC-Taisei Company is born because of innovation. Under the guidance of the new development concept, with "green, low carbon, energy saving" as the main line, we strive to build a double-carbon industrial ecology in the construction industry. He hoped that through this cooperation, the advantages of both sides will be integrated, and fruitful achievements will be made in project cooperation, personnel training, scientific research, and other aspects, providing valuable experience for the development of China's construction industry. He said that in the new century-long struggle, CSCEC-Taisei will resonate with USTB to create a brilliant future through win-win cooperation.


Ms. WANG Xiaojie speaking

Ms. WANG Xiaojie said that the signing of the contract promotes substantial cooperation between the university and the enterprise, and she hopes that through future cooperative research on green innovation and the cultivation of students' innovation ability, the innovation ability of enterprises can be further improved.


Vice President WANG Luning gave a speech

In the concluding speech, Prof. WANG Luning expressed his gratitude to CSCEC-Taisei for its generous donation and support for the educational development of USTB. He talked about the compatibility between the university's current development goals and the dual carbon goals from the university's development history. From the contents of President XI Jinping's two reply letters to our school, the paper explains the contribution made by our school in serving the national development in different periods and cultivating talents with iron and steel bones and innovative ability. Through this cooperation, he hopes to realize the "four ones”, which are “one common goal, one task, one team, and one mechanism", jointly train and reserve future talents, lead future development through scientific and technological innovation, and make new and greater contributions to building the iron and steel backbone of China's science and technology and manufacturing power.


Group Photo

The establishment of "CSCEC-Taisei Sailing Scholarship" is one of the specific measures taken by the university to practice the spirit of the CPC Central Committee's "Opinions on Strengthening the Cultivation of Talents in Basic Disciplines". The USTB School of Mathematics and Physics will make good use of the scholarship to cultivate students' research ability and innovation ability and effectively promote the cultivation of talents in basic disciplines.

Draft: WU Yueheng

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    July 18,2022

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