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USTB Leaders Inspected the Work of COVID-19 Prevention and Control

In the past month, video conferences have been held online among Beijing Ministries and Commissions of education, on the work deployment of COVID-19 prevention and control. According to the instructions of the conferences, USTB faculties and students make concerted efforts to carry out the work in an orderly way under the inspections and guidance of USTB leaders.

On April 30th, Mr. ZHENG Anyang, Vice President of USTB, visited Changping Innovation Industrial Park to inspect the work of COVID-19 prevention and control, campus security, and construction work. He gave credit for all the stuff sticking to their post, actively watching online ideological and political courses and organizing the nucleic acid tests and campus management during the May Day holiday, and also put forward requirements for further work.


On May 1st, Mr. SUN Jinghong, Vice Chancellor of USTB, inspected the work of COVID-19 prevention and control on key sites inside the USTB campus, including the West Gate, Humanities & Social Science Building, YiFu Building, the East Gate, and Residential District. Guidance was given on the implementation of requirements for faculties returning to work after the holiday, the publicity of policies, and the setting of makeshift shelters for the needed. Accompanied by staff members of the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control, he also visited the front-line personnel contributing to the COVID-19 containing work.

On May 4th and 5th, USTB President Prof. YANG Renshu and Vice President Mr. ZHENG Anyang led to inspect the nucleic acid sampling sites in both Teaching District and Residential District, the Student Activity Center in the Dormitory District, and school Gates, in order to the work of COVID-19 prevention and control


On the afternoon of May 6th, Mr. YANG Renshu and Mr. ZHENG Anyang, together with Mr. WU Guilong, Chancellor USTB, led the inspection work of COVID-19 prevention and control. Mr. WU Guilong stressed that strictly guarding the pass of all gates is the first barrier to fend off the virus from being carried into the campus, which is closely related to the health of faculties and students and the safety of USTB. He also emphasized that all staff members must firmly uphold the regulations and stick to their responsibilities while paying close attention to the changes in the COVID-19 situation for precautions.


On the morning of May 9th, Mr. ZHENG Anyang led the inspection work and visited front-line medical workers and volunteers. He expressed his gratitude for their contributions and once again stressed the importance of keeping the school gates under stringent guard.


On May 12th, A Letter for Medical Workers in USTB , co-signed by Chancellor WU Guilong and President YANG Renshu, was released, in which they extended sincere greetings, high respect, and heartfelt thanks to the front-line medical workers who have been working hard for consecutive days, and encouraged them to overcome all difficulties and make concerted efforts for the health of all USTB faculties and students. Mr. Zheng Anyang was appointed to offer flowers, supplies, and holiday greetings.


On May 16th, a notice was issued on further strengthening campus management in line with government instructions. USTB tightened all-around regulations on nucleic acid sampling, takeouts, express delivery packages, meetings, and conferences. We called on USTB faculties and students to bite the bullet for the triumph in the battle against COVID-19 with stronger resolve and faster action.

On May 19th, USTB held a conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19. Further attention was given to the primary-level organization, the guarantee of daily necessities, employment, and graduation of this year’s graduates, and detailed arrangements for mask-wearing and disinfection.


On May 21st, a notice issued by the government asked for a higher level of COVID-19 prevention and control in the Haidian District from 12 am on May 21st to 12 am on May 28th. USTB will accordingly reinforce the requirements of on-campus management, pay attention to student communication and care, provide medical services and avoid gatherings, in order to build a solid shield against the virus from the campus and contribute to cutting off community transmission of COVID-19 as soon as possible.

Draft: XU Ruyi

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    May 31,2022

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