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USTB Held the Opening Ceremony for 2022 Graduate Freshmen

On the morning of September 13th, USTB held the opening ceremony for graduate students online, 823 Ph.D. students, 3,593 master's students, as well as teachers and parents gathering in the cloud to witness this unforgettable moment.

With the solemn national anthem of the People's Republic of China, the 2022 Opening Ceremony kicked off.


Ms. SHI Rui gave a speech on behalf of the students

Ms. SHI Rui, the executive chairwoman of the USTB Graduate Student Union, delivered her speech on behalf of all the students. She shared the strength that USTB had given to students in self-confidence, innovation, and endeavor. She also called on students to remember the school motto of "Seeking Truth and Promoting Innovation", and to write a magnificent chapter that is worthy of the splendid era in the country with solid knowledge, unremitting persistence, and determined choice.


Mr. JIA Zijian gave a speech on behalf of the freshmen

Mr. JIA Zijian, a student from the School of Mechanical Engineering gave a speech as a graduate freshman representative. He recollected the wonderful memory of studying at USTB as an undergraduate student and shared his joy and further plans to continue his scientific research as a graduate student. Mr. JIA called upon the students to start a new journey with lofty aspirations, explore new knowledge with great determination, follow the guidance of the Party, dare to challenge with a strong ambition to serve the country, and create a wonderful life with wisdom and endeavor during the process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Prof. ZHU Rong delivered a speech on behalf of the graduate supervisors

Prof. ZHU Rong from the School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering addressed the ceremony on behalf of the graduate supervisors. Focusing on how to acquire true knowledge and develop real skills during graduate study, Prof. ZHU made three suggestions to students: first, stay humble to learn more professional knowledge; second, cherish high aspirations and solidify scientific research skills to overcome difficulties; third, practice vigorously and combine wisdom and innovation to reach the world-class level. In the end, Prof. ZHU hoped that students would always uphold the leadership of the Party, grow their ambition in scientific research, increase their confidence in global responsibility, and play a significant role in building our country.


President YANG Renshu delivered a speech

In his inspiring speech, Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, recalled USTB’s 70-year history and the remarkable achievements it had made. Prof. YANG had great confidence that all students could experience the technological frontier and feel the rigorous studying atmosphere at USTB. And he encouraged the graduate freshmen to "pursue excellence and build character as strong as iron and steel". In his speech, three expectations of students were put forward: first, to learn the most urgently needed knowledge in the process of national development. Students should integrate academic pursuit into the process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, adhere to the "four orientations", and meet the needs of strategic development; Second, absorb unfamiliar knowledge no matter if it is old or new. Students should constantly expand the breadth of knowledge, collide with innovation sparks, refine new scientific issues, learn from each other's strengths, and aim at pursuing knowledge at the first-class level; Third, to pursue true knowledge by following the fine tradition of being a “rigorous academic atmosphere, advocating practice” of USTB, and actively participating in the school’s talent cultivation plan. Students should strictly abide by academic ethics, fulfill academic responsibilities, and cherish academic integrity with a noble academic character from the first day of scientific research. In the end, earnest wishes were put towards all students to become high-caliber talents with high ideas, professional competence, and a strong will to serve the country.

The Opening Ceremony was successfully concluded with the inspiring USTB anthem “the Splendid Chapter of USTB”. We wish all the 2022 graduate freshmen an unforgettable and fruitful university life at USTB.

Draft: WANG Hui

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    September 14,2022

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