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Promotional Video for 200-day Countdown to USTB 70th Anniversary Has Been Released

What could 70 years mean?

One seed, within 70 years

Soak up the sun and rain, going through wind and storm

Has finally rooted in this land, firm and proud

One child, within 70 years

Exploring the mysteries of the world

From naivety to maturity

Sweat mark are the footprints of his growth

Within 70 years

The Beijing University of Iron and Steel Technology has always

Growing with the development of New China

Built a spine made of iron and steel

Within 70 years

The University of Science and Technology Beijing,

In the pulse of the Time, has forge ahead

Practicing science and technology for the great rejuvenation of China

Within 70 years

The sound of reading has echoed in the classrooms of Manjing

Within 70 years

The elegant demeanor of “steel lads” and “iron girls” still shines and never fades

Open the books of history

And listening to the inspiring stories of their Alma mater over the years

Step by step

They have filled the gaps in all fields and industries

And stroke by stroke

They have write down many “firsts” on the road of rejuvenation

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  • Date

    October 10,2021

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