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USTB Holds the "Year of Internationalization" Work Advancement Meeting

On April 12th, 2024, the "Year of Internationalization" work advancement meeting was held in the Jianlong Conference Room. Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB; Prof. LYU Zhaoping, Vice President of USTB; and Prof. YU Chengwen, Vice Chancellor of USTB, attended the meeting. The heads of various schools and responsible staff from relevant departments participated in the meeting. Prof. LYU Zhaoping presided over the meeting.

1.jpgSite of the meeting

2.jpgProf. LYU Zhaoping spoke at the meeting

Prof. LYU Zhaoping pointed out that USTB should not only accelerate and expand the opening up of education in the new era but also resume and strengthen face-to-face exchanges with the world. To expedite the construction of world-class universities with Chinese characteristics, USTB has embarked on the rejuvenation of Internationalization in 2023. This year, USTB will continue to implement the "Year of Internalization" strategy vigorously. As the “Double First-Class” initiative continues to be deeply carried out, the internationalization of higher education has become one of the important strategic development directions for many universities. He stated that USTB has always adhered to the educational philosophy of "specialization, high-quality, and internationalization," fully implementing the fundamental task of moral education and actively taking on the mission of "building a strong nation with iron and steel and invigorating China through science and education." The meeting invited the heads of various schools and relevant departments to jointly discuss and further promote the implementation of the school's "Double First-Class" international education construction and various tasks.

3.jpgProf. ZHANG Dawei made a report

Prof. ZHANG Dawei, Director of the Office of International Affairs, provided a thorough overview of the university's accomplishments and areas for improvement in internationalization construction and the development of international student programs. He presented the strategic approach for the "Year of Internationalization" initiatives in 2024. Prof. ZHANG emphasized the importance of enhanced inter-departmental communication and collaboration, to advance USTB's international talent development and scientific innovation through more extensive and profound cooperative endeavors.

4.jpgProf. YANG Renshu spoke at the meeting

Prof. YANG Renshu gave an engaging speech and emphasized the importance of internationalization and open cooperation. He pointed out that to improve the internationalization construction of USTB, it is one of the specific practices of the school to implement the important exposition on education by President XI Jinping and the spirit of two important reply letters to USTB by President XI Jinping. He put forward four requirements for the internationalization development work: firstly, to plan comprehensively, strengthen the top-level design, and improve the capacity and level of internationalization construction at two levels (university-level and school-level); secondly, to clarify the responsibilities and fully implement the main responsibility of internationalization construction work; thirdly, to focus on the characteristics, and to create a diversified internationalization brand project; and fourthly, to set up and improve a long-term mechanism, and to promote the development of various undertakings of the school through internationalization construction in a sustained manner. He hoped that all schools and departments would take this meeting as an opportunity to fully think about the positioning and planning of each unit in internationalization construction in the future, focus on the four dimensions of talent cultivation, team building, scientific research, and innovation and entrepreneurship, to improve international competitiveness effectively.

Group discussion

Finally, all schools and relevant departments of USTB discussed the work of "Year of Internalization" in three different groups. They made proposals for the internationalization development of the USTB from different levels, perspectives, and disciplines.

The internationalization of USTB will take the construction of "Double First-Class" as its core, dedicated to fulfilling national strategic needs and advancing at the forefront of global technological innovation. USTB will fully implement the strategy of the "358 initiative": construct the "three major projects" based on the "five directions" and implement the "eight plans," building the dream of original aspiration with high-level international cooperation. USTB strives to realize the grand blueprint of the university's centennial goal, cultivating first-class talents, creating first-class achievements, and making first-class contributions to construct a great modern socialist country.

Draft: XU Ke

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    April 15,2024

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