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A Delegation from the China Scholarship Council Visted USTB for Discussion and Exchange

On March 9th, Mr. SHENG Jianxue, Secretary-General of China Scholarship Council (CSC) along with his delegation visited USTB to have a symposium about USTB's international cooperation and education for foreign students studying in China. Mr. WU Guilong, Chancellor of USTB, Prof. LV Zhaoping, Vice President of UST, and Prof. SUN Jinghong, Vice Chancellor of USTB attended the symposium. The symposium was presided over by Prof. LV Zhaoping.

1.jpgMr. WU Guilong spoke at the symposium

At the symposium, Mr. WU Guilong extended a warm welcome to Mr. SHENG Jianxue and his delegation. On behalf of USTB, Mr. WU thanked the CSC for the care and strong support toward USTB and briefly reported the development and international cooperation of USTB. He said that in the future, USTB will continue to adhere to the strategy of serving the country, give full play to the characteristics and advantages of disciplines, and continue to strengthen international cooperation and competent talent cultivation in three aspects, including the construction of faculty & staff team, the cultivation of high-standard engineers and international students, so as to cultivate high-quality talents and produce more landmark achievements. USTB is dedicated to making new and greater contributions to serve and build a community with a shared future for mankind.

During the symposium, relevant personnel from the Department of Human Resources, Graduate School, Office of International Affairs, International Student Center, and other relevant units shared their suggestions and opinions on international communication, talent cultivation for international organizations, and education for foreign students studying in China. Relevant officials from different departments of CSC made detailed interpretations of the common issues in the implementation of relevant projects and provided suggestions and ideas to further promote the in-depth development of USTB’s international education.

2.jpgMr. SHENG Jianxue spoke at the symposium

Mr. SHENG Jianxue spoke highly of the international cooperation work carried out by USTB. He said that from this symposium he has gained an in-depth understanding of the relevant needs of USTB, and also gathered information on the development and cultivation of international talents. Mr. SHENG pointed out that the CSC will combine the existing cooperation foundation to provide stronger support for universities and better serve the development of schools and the cultivation of high-level talents

3.jpgThe symposium

Ms. TIAN Lulu, Deputy Secretary-General of CSC, Ms. CHEN Lin, Director of CSC China Affairs Department, Mr. YANG Xiangyi, Director of CSC Study Abroad Selection and Training Department, Prof. LIN Lin, Dean of the USTB Graduate School, Prof. ZHANG Dawei, Director of USTB Office of International Affairs, Prof. ZHAO Baoyong, Director of USTB International Student Center, Prof. YI Honghong, Associate Director of USTB Department of Human Resources, and Mr. LI Baoming, Associate Director of USTB Office of International Affairs and other relevant personnel attended the symposium.

Draft: LI Jialin

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    March 10,2023

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