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Chancellor WU Guilong Led a Delegation to Hainan for a Visit and Exchange

From August 26th to 28th, Mr. WU Guilong, Chancellor of USTB, led a team to Hainan for a visit and exchange. Prof. SUN Jinghong, Vice Chancellor of USTB, and relevant personnel from different units of USTB participated in the activity.

At the Qiongtai Normal University (QTNU), the two sides held a signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation agreement. Mr. LYU Zhiguo, Chancellor of QTNU, and Mr. LIN Chen, Vice President of QTNU, attended the ceremony.

813515946BEAACA947A8F2F7A5D_2B50427D_11C211.jpgThe signing ceremony

Mr. LYU Zhiguo expressed a warm welcome to the USTB delegation. He introduced the development history and characteristic specialty of QTNU and hoped that both sides could strengthen academic exchange and collaborative innovation and share high-quality resources for teaching and scientific research so as to promote the construction of characteristic specialty and the constant high-quality development of the career.

Mr. WU Guilong introduced in brief the development history of USTB as well as its achievements. He hoped that both sides could take this opportunity of in-depth strategic cooperation to conduct cooperation and exchange in teacher team construction, talent training teaching, and scientific research so as to realize resources reciprocity and advantages complementation, achieving mutual benefits and win-win results.

2.jpgGroup photo

Prof. SUN Jinghong and Mr. LIN Chen signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides.

At the Hainan University (HNU), the two sides held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation. Mr. FU Xuanguo, Chancellor of Hainan University, Dr. CAO Xianzhong, and Mr. CHEN Jun, Vice Presidents of HNU, and Ms. HAN Shumei, Head of the Department of Public Affairs and Communication, attended the ceremony.


Mr. FU Xuanguo extended thanks to USTB for its long-term concern and support for Hainan University. He briefly introduced the school history, discipline construction, talent introduction and training, and scientific research of HNU and expressed his hope that the two universities can deepen cooperation and exchange in the future so as to promote common development.

Mr. WU Guilong briefly introduced the school history, discipline construction, and talent introduction of USTB and congratulated the development progress of HNU. He noted that both universities should exploit the characteristic advantages to the full and establish an enduring effective mechanism for communication and cooperation so as to make joint efforts in aspects like scientific innovation and talent cultivation, making joint contributions to building China into a powerful nation of education.

4.jpgThe signing ceremony

Prof. SUN Jinghong and Dr. CAO Xianzhong signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of each side.

On August 28th, Mr. WU Guilong attended the listing and launching ceremony of the Sanya Electron Accelerator Mutagenesis Breeding Laboratory and delivered a speech. Mr. SUN Fayujun, Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Mr. ZHANG Changfeng, Deputy Mayor of Sanya, and leaders and experts from relevant units participated in the activity.

5.jpgMr. WU Guilong delivered a speech

Mr. WU Guilong said that the founding of the laboratory filled the blank of China’s electron accelerator mutagenesis breeding device for agricultural scientific and research use, which will promote the rapid development of China’s crop high-efficient physical mutation breeding. He said USTB was willing to strengthen exchange and deepen cooperation with the co-construction unit to make new and important achievements in original innovation and cultivation of breakthrough new breeds of corn, soybean, and other crop germplasm, contributing more wisdom and strengths to the building of a powerful country in agriculture and the construction of agricultural modernization.

6.jpgSigning the co-construction agreement

At the launching ceremony, on behalf of USTB, Prof. WAN Xiangyuan, Dean of the USTB Research Institute of Biology and Agriculture, signed the Sanya Electron Accelerator Mutagenesis Breeding Laboratory cooperation and co-construction agreement together with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hainan University, and China Institute of Atomic Energy.

During the visit, the delegation of Chancellor WU Guilong also visited and extended their regards to cadres who served in temporary positions and some of the USTB alumni.

Draft: SHI Jingwen

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    August 28,2023

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