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Prof. SUN Jinghong participated in the “Young Teacher Pilot Workstation” Series of Thematic Activities of IAMT

On November 30, a series of “Young Teacher Pilot Workstation” (hereinafter referred to as “the Workstation”) thematic activities and the appointment ceremony of “double supervisors” and special safety officers of the USTB Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology (IAMT) were held in conference room 404 of the Corrosion Science Building. Prof. SUN Jinghong, Vice Chancellor of USTB, members of the IAMT leadership team, Party secretaries of different branches, and young teachers of USTB attended the conference. The meeting was presided over by Prof. YAN Yu, Secretary General of the Communist Youth League Committee of the Youth Teachers’ Group.

Prof. YANG Huai, Dean of IAMT, delivered a speech at the beginning of the meeting. He introduced the establishment background of the Workstation and fully affirmed the remarkable results achieved in the Workstation in the past two years since its establishment. He said that IAMT would guarantee the coverage of “double supervisors” for young teachers under the age of 40, prepare “gift package” for new teachers, and ensure the proportion of young teachers in the scholarship of IAMT. He stressed that today’s event is a summary of the last phase of the work of the Workstation and the beginning of the next phase of work, hoping that the young teachers will grow up to be the backbone of the university’s development and the construction of the university research institute on the fertile soil of USTB and IAMT and make their own contribution to the construction of first-class disciplines.

Prof. GAO Xiaodan, Secretary General of the Party Committee at IAMT; Prof. DONG Chaofang and CAI Aihui, Associate Deans of IAMT, handed out gift packages to the representatives of new teachers, and the representatives of new teachers introduced themselves in turn. The young teachers said they were very grateful for the trust, help and support of the leaders and seniors. They were very proud and excited to join the pragmatic USTB and become part of the warm and vibrant IAMT family. It is both a dream come true and the opening of a new chapter of struggle. They also said they will work harder, cherish the platform provided by IAMT, learn from the experts and try to be a preacher, a top researcher and contribute to the development of USTB and IAMT.


In his speech, Prof. SUN Jinghon spoke highly of the Workstation thematic activities, and expressed a warm welcome to the new young teachers who have joined the school in recent years on behalf of the Party Committee and expressed his sincere gratitude to all the “old” teachers at IAMT. He pointed out that the Workstation is an important innovation and initiative to further promote the comprehensive reform of education and the construction of “double first-class”, and the Party Committee of IAMT has built on the basis of the existing echelon of “passing on and helping”, has now equipped young teachers under the age of 40 with academic and political “double tutors”, the implementation of the theme activities of the Workstation is very strong and proper. In addition, Prof. SUN Jinghon introduced the university’s current policies for young teachers and offered them several hopes and requirements: firstly, to strengthen their studies, strengthen their beliefs, strive to be a striver of new era, and dedicate themselves to the development of the country and the progress of the nation. Secondly, they should implement the fundamental task of establishing moral education, strictly follow the standards of good teachers, firmly establish the awareness of the bottom line of teacher morality, be a model for students in learning, doing and aspire to study real problems. Thirdly, to be courageous, to closely combine the realization of self-worth with the development of the country and society, to innovation, to do first-class research, and to raise first-class new talent.


The fourth session of the “Young Teacher Salon” of IAMT was held with a lecture by Prof. LI Xiaogang. Prof. LI Xiaogang shared three points of his own experience of universities and gave some advice to the young teachers, considering the glorious historical of the development of universities for 2500 years and the current situation of modern universities in the world. Prof. LI Xiaogang mentioned that strong universities make a strong nation, and there is no university is for all mankind; that China is now a socialist state, universities are all under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, with obvious engineering characteristics; and that self-reliance and self-improvement are the keys to being a good university professor. For scientific research, he also had a few insights: firstly, learn the history of disciplinary and stick to the same research directions; secondly, the best research directions are technology; thirdly, scientific problems should focus on cross-scale research; and fourthly, platform building is more important than project applications.


The fifth session of the “Young Teacher Salon” of IAMT also held during the conference, Prof. JIA Chengchang, was held on the topic of laboratory safety. Prof. JIA Chengchang gave a vivid professional guidance and warning lesson to all the young teachers, starting from the safety hazards and protective measures of metal powders, considering the characteristics of their jobs. Prof. JIA Chengchang mentioned that prevention is better than cure and responsibility is heavier than a mountain, and that laboratory safety needs to be maintained through joint efforts.

Ms. LI Qian mentioned in her speech that over the years, the Party Committee of IAMT has always aimed at building a faculty with spirit of patriotic and dedication, with high moral character and with first-class academics, focusing on the development and growth of young teachers. The Party Committee has organised a wide range of lectures and training sessions, and a variety of special activities. In recent years, young teachers have achieved remarkable results in various aspects such as talent honors, research awards and moral honors. At the same time, Ms. LI Qian offered three pieces of advice to young teachers: Firstly, to raise their positions. Under the leadership of the political tutor, they should strengthen their beliefs, enhance their theoretical learning, improve their own cultivation, and strive to be a good teacher who nurtures students for the Party and the country. Second, refine character. Self-reflection, self-improvement, self-discipline, in the continuous self-renewal of growth; set will, set words, set actions, to become a better teacher in the relentless pursuit of talent Thirdly, be courageous. We should closely follow the spirit of scientists which President XI Jinping has mentioned, take the masters of materials such as Prof. KE Jun and Prof. XIAO Jimei as models, and take these academic mentors around us such as Academician XIE as role models, inherit their spirit of patriotism, practicality, hard work and dedication to “serve the nation with materials”, take up the responsibility, keep the righteousness and innovation, do first-class research and nurture first-class talents.

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    December 05,2021

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