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2 Gold, 3 Silver, and 8 Bronze! USTB Ranked First in Beijing in Terms of the Number of Gold Medals and the Total Number of Awards

On July 2nd, the closing ceremony of the 2022 Qingchunag Beijing “Challenge Cup” Business Plan Competition for Beijing-based College Students comes to an end. In the Special Competition “Let the Youths Linked the Four Seas” for International Students, the 13 teams of USTB won a total of two gold, three silver, and eight bronze medals. The number of gold medals and the total number of awards won by USTB teams ranked first among universities in Beijing.

The Award Announcement 

Presentation by Hussain M Irfan

The 2022 Qingchunag Beijing “Challenge Cup” Business Plan Competition for Beijing-based College Students was jointly organized by the Beijing Committee of China Communist Youth League, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Beijing Youth Federation, and Beijing Students Federation. The Special Competition “Let the Youths Linked the Four Seas” for International Students was set for 2022. Teams taking peat in the Competition were composed of international and Chinese students. International students would be responsible for the project's leadership and final defense. The Competition aims to mobilize further and unite the strength of the international students to focus on the themes of international communication and cultural appreciation based on their developmental visions and study experiences in China, to help the construction of Beijing as a global communication center, and to absorb the wisdom from young international students for the high-quality development of the innovation and entrepreneurship in Beijing.

3.jpgGroup photo of USTB participants

Guided by the important instructions of President XI Jinping on the strategic positioning of the capital city, USTB regards strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship education for international students as a new point to promote humanistic communication between young people at home and abroad and a breakthrough point to cultivate innovative talents with broader global vision, at the same time further improving the spirit and ability of innovation and entrepreneurship of international students.

4.jpgThe Information Session

USTB International Student Center and Communist Youth League Committee held information sessions for the first time to explain the concept, target participants, content, award setting, event arrangement, and business plan submission of the Competition. Through the seminar, international and Chinese students were highly motivated, and 18 teams successfully registered for the Competition.

5.jpgThe Expert Consultation Session

By providing expert consultation sessions to help the participating teams, USTB International Student Center invited professional innovation and entrepreneurship tutors to give instructions on the projects regarding business model, specific project plan, educational value, and employment promotion value. Before the official presentation stage, teams entering the online evaluation stage had special expert training on project presentation and defense.

Give full support to the Competition. USTB International Student Center set up a guidance team, providing language services such as writing translation of the Competition settings and notifications, oral interpretation of information, and expert consultation sessions to enhance international students' understanding of the Competition and motivation to participate. Special chat groups had been established to collect and answer questions of each team during the whole process. The coordinators actively kept in contact with the organizing committee to guarantee the work of registration, the establishment of chat groups, and the signing of commitment letters. The instructors also meticulously guided the team members to prepare for the Competition and did their best to hold several mock project presentations and defenses online.

The Gold Medal Award Projects:


Project title: (Dream Space Manufacturing-Stainless Steel Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace, Pakistan & China International Cooperation Project)

Team members: Hussain M Irfan (Pakistan), Mapuranga Tafara Ernest (Zimbabwe), TIAN Jian (China), Sattar Abdul(Pakistan)

Focusing on the problems of high temperature and radiation faced by materials for aerospace applications, the project, relying on the top science and technology R&D platform of China and Pakistan, pioneers the gas atomization technology of stainless-steel powders. The technology dramatically reduces costs, improves productivity, and significantly increases cost performance. Together with the youth of Pakistan and China, joint research, mutual sharing, and mutual benefit will contribute to building a global community of shared futures.


Project title: (AMAYI’s Cuisine Give You a Taste of Africa)

Team members: Epede Mesumbe Bianca (Cameroon), Nelly Ornella(Cameroon),  Samiratou Yaya Neyakbo(Cameroon), HAN Yilin (China)

Team AMAYI is composed of three international students and one Chinese student.  Epede Bianca(CEO),  Nelly Ornella(CFO),  Yaya Neyakbo(consultant), and HAN Yilin (PR) want to run an African-style restaurant called “AMAYI’S CUISINE” in Beijing, China. They hope that customers from China, Africa, and other parts of the world can taste authentic African flavors in the restaurant and thus build a cultural bridge between China and Africa.

Draft: ZENG Bingjie

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan & GUO Kailin

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    July 20,2022

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