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Vice President YAN Xiangbin Led a Team to Visit China Aviation Supplies Holding Company

On August 19th, Prof. YAN Xiangbin, Vice President of USTB, led a team to visit China Aviation Supplies Holding Company (CAS), the purpose of which is to deepen the cooperation between university and enterprise and carry out “Special Actions on Employment”. Mr. XU Siwei, Chancellor and Chairman of the Board at China Aviation Supplies Holding Company (CAS), Mr. REN Yu, Vice Chancellor of CAS, Ms. SUN Wenyan, General Manager of Human Resource Department at CAS, Prof. FENG Qiang, Director at USTB Department of Science and Technology, Ms. LIU Xiaojie, Associate Director at USTB Department of Admissions and Career Services, Prof. NI Yu, Secretary General of the Party Committee and Associate Dean at USTB School of Economics and Management, Prof. FENG Mei, Head of Department of Economics and Trade at USTB School of Economics and Management, participated in this symposium. The two sides exchanged views on talent cultivation, school-enterprise cooperation, scientific research and innovation, and finally reached a consensus on advancing in-depth cooperation.

1.jpgAt the symposium

Mr. XU Siwei spoke at the symposium

Mr. XU Siwei gave an introduction of CAS from the perspective of the development process, service concept, business scope, and so on. China Aviation Supplies Holding Company (CAS) is a professional company that dedicates to aircraft purchase and supportive business of aviation materials in China and has a high reputation and a good brand image in the aviation industry. CAS strives to establish a new business system integrating four business segments: trade distribution and logistics, aviation repairing and manufacturing, aviation leasing, ground equipment and engineering. Mr. XU said that CAS had successively cooperated with a number of colleges and universities to strengthen the introduction of talents in terms of digital transformation and upgrading. He hoped that the two sides could give full play to their platform advantages and strengthen school-enterprise cooperation through this communication.

3.jpgProf. YAN Xiangbin spoke at the symposium

Prof. YAN Xiangbin introduced the history and development of USTB, especially the achievements in the development of discipline innovation and the construction of a “Double First-class" university. He hoped that this symposium could become an opportunity for cooperation between USTB and CAS, promote further exchanges in scientific research, build an internship and employment platform, and facilitate the development of the service industry and enterprises of USTB students. Prof. FENG Qiang said that the relevant majors and scientific research directions of the school could support the technological development needs of the company, and hoped to strengthen the follow-up connection and achieve win-win cooperation. Ms. LIU Xiaojie introduced the school’s overall student employment situation, expressing that most of the students work in the manufacturing industry, and their professional skills, employment intention, and other aspects are in good agreement with the talent needs of CAS. She hoped that CAS could be invited to participate in the school’s on-campus recruitment speech. Both Prof. NI Yu and Prof. FENG Mei introduced the School of Economics and Management, including its development, major overview, talent cultivation, student quality, and other aspects. They pointed out that the talent cultivation goals of the School of Economics and Management were in line with the job requirements of the enterprise, looking forward to furthering communication and cooperation between the two sides.

4.jpgProf. YAN Xiangbin presented a gift to the CAS

5.jpgGroup photo

Mr. SHI Wenhua, Deputy Director of Cadre Training Center of CAS, Ms. MA Wenwen, Recruitment Manager of Human Resource Department, Mr. WU Dehai, General Manager of Business Development Department, Mr. FENG Jun, Chancellor and Chair of CAS, Ms. LI Na, Vice Chancellor of CAS, Prof. MA Jianfeng, Associate Chair of Department of Economics and Trade of School of Economics and Management, Prof. LI Yuan, Director of EMBA Center and Executive Development Program Center, Prof. GE Yuyang, the school’s career guidance teacher, participated in the activity.

Draft: LI Meng

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    August 26,2022

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