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USTB-DMU Confucius Institute held the Classroom Management Workshop Successfully

On the afternoon of 13 May 2022, the De Montfort University Confucius Institute invited Justine Jackson, a senior teacher from Sacred Heart Catholic Primary school, to provide classroom management training for volunteer teachers of the Confucius Institute.


At the beginning of the training, Mrs. Jackson introduced her work experience and mentioned that she once taught in China, which narrowed the distance between the listeners and her. Afterwards, she threw a question, “in the classroom, what are the good behaviors and what are the bad behaviors”, and discussed this issue in depth. Then, systematic training was carried out in many aspects, such as behavior policy, dress code, learning styles, classroom management, rewards and sanctions, and teaching strategies. During the training, Mrs. Jackson kept the classroom vitality all the time, showed excellent classroom management, and benefited everyone a lot.


Finally, the training entered the last part, the Q&A session. Volunteer teachers asked many questions enthusiastically about the problems they encountered while teaching. Mrs. Jackson gave detailed suggestions one by one, and everyone gained a lot from the training. So far, the classroom management workshop for primary and secondary schools held by the Confucius Institute has ended successfully.

Through this training, these volunteer teachers had a clearer understanding of the education idea and daily behavior management rules of primary and secondary schools in the UK and had a more in-depth experience of how to use classroom management methods effectively, which played a positive role in better teaching Chinese in primary and secondary schools in the UK.

Draft: ZHANG Dongming

Revision: YANG Yingjun

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    May 29,2022

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