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USTB Held the Unveiling Ceremony of the "Sony (China) - University of Science and Technology Beijing Joint Laboratory"

On April 23rd, the unveiling ceremony for the "Sony (China) - University of Science and Technology Beijing Joint Laboratory" was held in Room 306 at the Administration Building. Mr. Takenaka Mikio, Vice President of Sony (China) and Head of the (Sony) R&D Center China Laboratory, and Prof. LYU Zhaoping, Vice President of USTB, participated in the event.

1.jpgSite of the meeting

Prof. LYU Zhaoping pointed out that USTB has a profound foundation and outstanding scientific research capabilities and has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents to serve the economic and social development; Sony (China) Co., as a global leader in the technology industry, has excellent innovation capabilities and development momentum. Establishing a Joint Laboratory by both parties to create an efficient scientific research cooperation model that integrates theoretical innovation and practical application is significant for achieving complementary advantages, win-win cooperation, and promoting industrial innovation and achievement transformation.

2.jpgProf. LYU Zhaoping spoke at the meeting

Mr. Mikio Takenaka stated that Sony (China) adheres to the corporate philosophy of "moving the world with the power of creativity and technology," persists in the business strategy of "rooting in China and long-term development," and is committed to continuously introducing cutting-edge, high-quality products, services, and solutions to contribute to the economic development of China. The "Sony (China) - University of Science and Technology Beijing Joint Laboratory" is the company's first university-enterprise joint laboratory established in China. Establishing the joint laboratory will serve as a starting point to promote further in-depth cooperation between the two parties in scientific research, talent cultivation, and the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, achieving original and leading scientific and technological breakthroughs.

3.jpgMr. Mikio Takenaka spoke at the meeting

4.jpgUnveiling ceremony

5.jpgIssuing the letters of appointment

Prof. LYU Zhaoping and Mr. Mikio Takenaka signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties, inaugurated the "Sony (China) - University of Science and Technology Beijing Joint Laboratory," and issued appointment letters to Mr. SUN Chen, Associate Head of the (Sony) R&D Center China Laboratory, and Prof. ZHANG Haijun, Dean of the School of Advanced Engineering and Executive Deputy Dean of the National School of Elite Engineering, as directors of the laboratory. They also issued a letter of appointment to Mr. LI Haojin, Associate Chief Researcher of the (Sony) R&D Center China Laboratory, and Ms. Sun Chunlei, a teacher from the School of Computer and Communication Engineering.

During the discussion session, Prof. ZHANG Haijun briefly introduced the joint laboratory's scientific research cooperation achievements and future plans. Both parties will focus on cutting-edge research in the fields of integrated communication and perception and 6G mobile communication and jointly promote the development of demonstration systems and breakthroughs in key technologies.

The Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate that has been ranked among the Fortune Global 500 companies by Fortune magazine in the United States on multiple occasions. In the latest 2023 Fortune Global 500 list, it is ranked 140th. This joint laboratory is the first school-enterprise joint laboratory established by Sony (China) in cooperation with a Chinese university. It is also important for the School of Computer and Communication Engineering to implement the USTB’s "2024 Year of Internationalization" initiative and the "358" international development strategy. In the future, both parties will carry out broader and deeper cooperation in the fields of scientific and technological innovation and international talent cultivation, making a positive contribution to promoting friendly cooperation and exchange in Sino-Japanese cultural, scientific, and educational fields, and fostering scientific and technological progress and social development.

Prof. FENG Qiang, Dean of the Department of Science and Technology, Prof. ZHANG Xiaofeng, Dean of the Department of Technology Transfer, and relevant personnel participated in the event.

Draft: CHEN Ziyu

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    April 30,2024

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