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The University Organized a Symposium to Study and Implement the Spirit of President XI Jinping's Letter to Senior Professors at the USTB

Recently, fifteen senior professors at USTB wrote to President XI Jinping, briefing him on the university’s progress over the past seven decades and expressing their resolve to nurture more talent for the high-quality development of China’s iron and steel industry. On April 21th, President XI Jinping replied to the senior professors at the University.

On the morning of April 25th, USTB held a symposium on studying and implementing the spirit of President XI Jinping’s letter to senior professors at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, the purpose of which was to study and implement this spirit. The symposium was presided over by Mr. QIAO Zhe, Director of the Office of Retirement Services. Mr. PAN Junqiang, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of Bureau for Retired Personnel of the Ministry of Education; Mr. DU Jianfeng, Director of Bureau for Retired Personnel of Beijing Municipal Education Commission; Mr. SUN Jinghong, Vice-Chancellor of USTB attended the symposium. Prof. CHEN Duanshu and Prof. YU Yongning, two representatives of senior professors who wrote the letter; Prof. YANG Tianjun and Prof. LI Baolin, former university-level leaders; Prof. XIE Xishan and Prof. XU Manxing, representatives of senior professors; Ms. DUAN Fengying, Ms. HE Baizhi and Mr. SUN Tie, representatives of Party Branch Secretary participated in the discussion.

First of all, Mr. SUN Jinghong readout President XI Jinping’s letter to senior professors at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary, Mr. SUN Jinghong, on behalf of Mr. WU Guilong, Chancellor of USTB as well as Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, expressed his sincere thanks to the founding fathers, senior professors, and all the retired comrades. Mr. SUN Jinghong said that USTB would carry out school-wide learning activities to study and implement the important spirit of President XI Jinping’s letter.

1.jpgMr. SUN Jinghong readout President XI's reply letter

Subsequently, the senior comrades made speeches regarding their feelings about receiving XI Jinping’s letter. Prof. CHEN Duanshu, one of the founders of USTB, said that he was excited to receive President XI Jinping’s letter. USTB always moved forwards under the glory of the Communist Party of China, insisting on building, flourishing, and strengthening the university with iron and steel. He proposed that, in the future development, USTB should further play the “leading” role of traditional first-class disciplines such as Materials, and contribute to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

2.jpgProf. CHEN Duanshu gave the speech

Prof. YU Yongning, National Distinguished Teacher, said that he strongly agreed with the emphasis of President XI Jinping’s letter that senior professors should continue to carry forward the spirit of rigorous research and dedicated teaching. Over the past seventy years, USTB has cultivated more than 200,000 “steel lads and iron ladies” for China. Talent nurturing is the fundamental task of colleges and universities, and teaching is the primary responsibility of teachers. As senior teachers, we should not only work hard but also enjoy our work. Meanwhile, we should not only teach students but also help nurture young teachers.

3.jpgProf. YU Yongning gave the speech

Prof. XIE Xishan said that President XI Jinping’s letter to senior professors affirmed the positive contributions of USTB to the development of the national iron and steel industry, and he was very touched. He will always be grateful to USTB for his cultivation, and to all the senior comrades for their contributions to USTB. We should deeply study and understand the spirit of President XI Jinping's letter, nurture more talents who can contribute to the country, and make greater contributions to building a strong socialist country.

Prof. XU Manxing, senior experimentalist, burst into tears and choked up several times. He said that President XI Jinping has put forward higher expectations for the university. We should make the best of our school’s unique features, strive for excellence, live up to the expectations, and nurture high-caliber talents with moral integrity and professional competence to make greater contributions to the better development of USTB in the new era.

Prof. LIU Huasheng said that he was very excited to receive President XI Jinping’s letter the day before the university’s anniversary. In the 1960s, the older generation of state leaders had come to our university and showed utmost solicitude for its development. I entered the university in 1954 and witnessed the development of USTB. A country can become powerful with iron and steel, and thrive with science and technology. USTB has made great contributions to the development of China's steel industry over the past 70 years. Talent is the foundation of thousands of inheritances. Thus, we should carry forward the fine traditions of USTB, and strive for rigorous research, innovation, truth-seeking, and moral education. We should continue to cultivate high-caliber talents for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and make greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

Mr. BAO Chengming said, “President Xi Jinping is very concerned about USTB in his busy schedule, writing to USTB twice, which makes us encouraged. President XI's letter is of far-reaching significance and has a remarkable influence, which sets forth ardent expectations for the senior professors and points out the direction for the future development of USTB.”

Ms. DUAN Fengying said, “On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the university, the development of USTB has received much attention from state leaders. After receiving President XI's letter, I have heard many retired teachers reflect that they are very encouraged. It’s a great honor for USTB to be recognized by President XI Jinping. President XI's letter clarified the direction of development for USTB in the next stage and raised ardent expectations. USTB shoulders a heavy responsibility.”

Prof. LI Baolin, a former Vice-Chancellor of USTB, said that elders are treasures. The senior professors are treasures of the university because they have made far-reaching contributions to the development of USTB. President XI Jinping's letter has a very rich meaning, reflecting the affirmation of our university, and pointing out the direction for future development. Specifically, we should make the best of our school’s unique features, strive for excellence, nurture high-caliber talents, and integrate the advantages and unique features of the university. The purpose is that we can make breakthroughs in the green and low carbon development of the steel industry, and help build China into a leader in science, technology, and manufacturing. It is necessary to organize teachers and students to seriously study and understand the spirit and connotation of President XI Jinping's letter, and grasp the implementation of it. We should effectively promote the development of the university so that we can report to President XI with excellent results.

Prof. YANG Tianjun, former President of USTB, said that President XI Jinping's concern for the iron and steel industry made all our teachers, students, and alumni at home and abroad very excited. In terms of talent nurturing, the development of USTB has shown good momentum in recent years. In the future, we will continue to make new contributions in the steel industry and other fields under the guidance of the important spirit of President XI's letter.

Mr. DU Jianfeng said, "President XI Jinping's letter to senior professors at USTB is of far-reaching significance, which not only fully recognizes the development of USTB but also affirms and attaches importance to all colleges and universities represented by USTB. President XI Jinping has made many clear instructions on the work of the senior comrades, which reflects the great attention of our country. In addition, the President's letter reflects the increasing attention of the Party Central Committee to retirement work. As staff working at the Office of Retirement Services, I am deeply encouraged by those senior comrades. Despite they have retired for many years, they still tirelessly make contributions to USTB and our country. This spirit of dedication is worth our learning, so staff should continue to keep their posts and make retirement work more solid. We should combine the spirit of President XI Jinping’s letter and the advice of strengthening the construction of grassroots Party-building after retirement, and find out their deep connotation, which can offer better guidance for the senior comrades to play a positive role in professional fields, Party building and talent nurturing.” Finally, he hoped that USTB would make persistent efforts to unitedly lead the retired workforce to make greater contributions.

4.jpgMr. DU Jianfeng gave a speech

Mr. PAN Junqiang, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the Bureau for Retired Personnel of the Ministry of Education gave a speech. First, President XI Jinping’s letter was full of affection and profundity, which is another manifestation of the attention of the old cadres and unprecedented emphasis on the senior professors of the education system. This letter was more targeted and instructive in the historical journey of power rising and two centenary goals. Second, President XI Jinping’s letter was an important foundation for the work of old cadres in the future. The senior comrades remained true to their original aspirations without diminishing their strengths, which made us full of expectations for the crucial role in nurturing talents. Therefore, the Ministry of Education would build more platforms to encourage senior comrades to play a better role in the future. Third, President XI Jinping’s letter was a great spur to the stuff of senior cadres. It is incumbent upon the staff of senior cadres to serve this valuable team well. The Ministry of Education would assist USTB in providing better services to senior comrades so that they could enjoy their old age with peace of mind and warmth. I wished USTB a better future and senior comrades a happier retirement.

6.jpgMr. PAN Junqiang gave a speech

In the end, Mr. QIAO Zhe made a conclusion. The elders were still full of sunshine in spite of their age, so we must bear in mind the earnest entrust of President XI Jinping and continued to strive to make greater contributions to our country and university.

5.jpgGroup Photo

Draft: LI Meng

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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