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The USTB Delegation Visited Thailand and Macau for Communication and Exchange

From May 9th to 15th, led by Mr. WU Guilong, Chancellor of USTB, the USTB delegation visited Thailand and Macau, and paid visits to the Thai Chinese Teachers' Association, the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, the Kasetsart University, Thailand, the University of Macau, the Science and Technology Development Fund, Macau, and Institute for the Development and Quality, Macau. conducting in-depth exchanges and discussions on scientific research cooperation, talent cultivation, and platform construction.

On May 10th, the delegation visited the Embassy of China in Thailand and discussed with Mr. XU Lan, Counsellor of Education. Mr. XU Lan introduced the current situation of China-Thailand educational cooperation, including university-enterprise cooperation, study abroad, and internship. The delegation showed sincere appreciation for the embassy for its support and said that USTB would further strengthen the cooperation with Thai universities and enterprises, explore educational resources, improve the level of education for studying abroad in China, respond to the demand for talents of the Silk Road co-construction, and work together to make efforts to recruit and cultivate international students, in order to contribute to the China-Thailand education cooperation.


Mr. WU Guilong communicated with Mr. Vichit Lolurlert

On May 12th, the delegation paid a visit to alumnus Mr. Vichit Lolurlert, President of the Chinese Teachers (Thailand) Association, a famous patriotic overseas Chinese and a well-known entrepreneur in Thailand. Mr. WU Guilong introduced the development of USTB and hoped for further cooperation with the Association. Mr. Vichit Lolurlert, who is 89 years old now, briefly introduced the history of the development of the Chinese Teachers (Thailand) Association and the main work dedicated to supporting the education of the Chinese overseas in Thailand and expressed his gratitude and longing for USTB. He said, "Without my alma mater, I would not be where I am today." The Chinese Teachers (Thailand) Association is looking forward to cooperate deeply with USTB in talent cultivation, making joint efforts to support both Chinese and Thai enterprises.


Mr. WU Guilong gave the present to Dr. Chongrak Wachrinrat

3.jpgThe delegation paid visits to Kasetsart University, Thailand

On May 13th, the delegation paid a visit to Kasetsart University, Thailand. Dr. Chongrak Wachrinrat, President of the university, introduced the current situation and expressed his hope for further cooperation with USTB. Mr. WU Guilong introduced the school situation. He pointed out that USTB earnestly implements the important statement of President XI Jinping about building "the Belt and Road," and actively explores the new mode of international cooperation in the integration of industry and education. Mr. Wu Guilong indicated that next year is the 10th anniversary of the cooperation between the two universities, standing on a new starting point, USTB will effectively promote the cooperation between China and Thailand in talent cultivation, scientific and technological innovation, cultural exchanges, and other fields to achieve new improvement. He also sincerely invited a delegation of teachers and students from Kasetsart University to visit USTB for exchanges. When visiting the International Maritime Studies of Kasetsart University Sriracha Campus for exchange, Mr. Wu Guilong affirmed the teaching and research cooperation between the two universities in the area of materials corrosion and protection and hoped that based on this, the two universities would expand new fields of cooperation, explore new modes of discipline intersection, and become the new model of cooperation in higher education between China and Thailand.


The delegation visited the University of Macau (UM)


The delegation visited the Science and Technology Development Fund, Macau


The delegation visited the Institute for the Development and Quality, Macau (IDQ)

On May 14th, the delegation paid visits to the University of Macau (UM), the Science and Technology Development Fund, Macau, Institute for the Development and Quality, Macau, and had a discussion with Mr. WU Zhiliang, President of the Fundação Macau. While communicating with Prof. Yonghua Song, Rector of UM, both sides reviewed the achievement of cooperation in the fields of talent cultivation and academic exchanges and reached a broad consensus on further cooperation in various fields. Dr. Che Weng Keong, the Chairman of the Science and Technology Development Fund, Macau, introduced the development history and daily operation of the foundation. Mr. WU Guilong shared the progress of cooperation between USTB and universities and institutes of Macau in recent years, and expressed the willingness of USTB to further support the construction of the Greater Bay Area and the development of "the Belt and Road" initiative. Prof. Tam Lap Mou, the Chairman of the Institute for the Development and Quality, Macau (IDQ), introduced their efforts to overcome the new technology of material numerical intelligence and to help Macau's diversified development with "Macau Design". Mr. WU Guilong listened and affirmed the achievements of both sides in scientific research and talent exchange and cooperation. He hoped that in the future, the two sides would strengthen research in various fields, jointly assist the scientific and technological development of Macau, and cultivate Macau's young talents.

On May 15th, the delegation visited the Institute for the Development and Quality, Macau (IDQ)-Guangdong Hengqin Macau Quality Research Technology Company, where Dr. GUO Weida, manager of the company introduced the basic situation and latest achievements. He also hoped to deepen the cooperation with the USTB Shunde Innovation School and integrate the laboratory resources to jointly promote Macau's scientific and technological progress, promoting the development of the country.

The visit not only strengthened the cooperation among USTB, Thailand, and Macau in the field of higher education and scientific research but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation and development. 2024 is the "Year of Internationalization" of USTB, and the university will further promote the construction of the three major projects of internationalization: "Seed Project," "Bridge Project," and "Amity Project," to strengthen the emotional bond with overseas partners and to contribute to the development of China. Looking ahead, USTB will continue to uphold the concept of openness and cooperation, support the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, promote international exchanges and cooperation, and jointly unfold a new chapter in the development of global higher education.

Draft: DONG Xuanxi

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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