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Another 20! The Total Number of National and Beijing Municipal First-class Undergraduate Majors of USTB has Increased to 43

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the Notice of The General Office of the Ministry of Education on The List of 2021 National and Provincial First-class Undergraduate Major Construction Sites, officially announcing the list of construction sites of the "Double First-class Plan" for the 2021 first-class undergraduate major construction. Ten majors recommended by USTB, including Law, Japanese, Applied Chemistry, Vehicle Engineering, Measurement-Control Technology and Instrument, Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering, Big Data Management and Application, Accounting, Administrative Management, and Logistics Engineering, have been approved as national first-class undergraduate major construction sites in 2021. Another ten majors, including Financial Engineering, German, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Robot Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering, Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Environmental Science, Engineering Management, and Visual Communication Design, have been approved as the Beijing municipal first-class undergraduate major construction sites in 2021.

1.jpgAll 43 first-class undergraduate major construction sites of USTB

The Ministry of Education implemented the "Double First-class Plan" for the construction of first-class undergraduate majors in April 2019. It plans to build about 10,000 national-level first-class undergraduate major sites and about 10,000 provincial-level first-class undergraduate major sites from 2019 to 2021, which aims to comprehensively revitalize undergraduate education, improve the ability of talent cultivation, and achieve connotative development of higher education. As of now, USTB has a total of 43 first-class undergraduate major construction sites, including 33 at the national level and 10 at the Beijing municipal level.

In recent years, USTB has adhered to the principle of "cultivating talents through moral education and taking undergraduate majors as the foundation".  It formulated and implemented the "Action Plan for the Construction of First-class Undergraduate Education at the University of Science and Technology Beijing" to strengthen and upgrade major construction from the aspects of optimizing and promoting major structure, major connotation, and first-class major construction. The university will meet the requirements of major construction and improve major construction planning to strengthen and give play to the construction and leading role of construction sites in major management standards, major reform effectiveness, teacher team construction and talent training quality, etc. so as to promote the continuous improvement of the overall level of major construction.

Draft: GUO Qiuju

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    June 17,2022

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