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USTB Held a Meeting on the Deployment of Higher Education Quality Accreditation for International Students

In order to do a solid job on the quality certification of higher education for international students in China, USTB held a meeting on the deployment of higher education quality accreditation for international students on the afternoon of September 7. Mr. WU Guilong, Chancellor of USTB, attended the meeting and made a speech. Prof. ZHAO Baoyong, Chair of International Student Center, presided over the meeting, and principals of relevant functional departments and training units for international students attended the meeting.

Prof. ZHAO Baoyang introduced the overall situation of quality re-accreditation of higher education for international students in China in detail, introduced the characteristics of accreditation, accreditation standards, rules, workflow, and current work progress and explained the quality re-accreditation work comprehensively from the perspectives of schedule of on-site inspection session, accreditation index system accreditation work plan, etc.


Prof. ZHANG Hu, Associate Chair of International Student Center, made a report on the preparation of the Self-Assessment Report of the College on Quality Accreditation of International Students in Higher Education, explaining each of the contents to be covered in the self-assessment report and the data and materials to be provided.


Mr. WU Guilong made the work deployment and put forward clear requirements for the work of quality accreditation of higher education for international students. Firstly, it is necessary to strengthen political consciousness and deeply understand the importance of the quality certification of higher education for international students in China. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the work coordination and implement the responsibility for the quality certification of higher education for international students in China. Thirdly, it is necessary to gather the development momentum, enrich and expand the results of higher education quality certification for international students in China, and steadily promote the construction of “Double First-Class” university.

Mr. WU Guilong stressed that all departments of USTB take initiative to further strengthen the idea of “the whole school work as one”, strengthen the systematic way of thinking and coordination, implement the responsibility to each individual, and promote the work according to the established time table.

Mr. WU Guilong pointed out that the quality certification work is a vivid embodiment of promoting the school’s characteristic, high-quality and international operation, and is closely related to the promotion of the school’s historical mission and strategic goals in the new era. It is necessary to strengthen and expand the application of the results of quality certification, face up to the problems in work, speed up efforts to make up for shortcomings, plan for the development of international education, promote the process of internationalization of USTB, and create a new situation in the operation of the university in the context of the changing world, the international situation and the new situation of higher education.

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    September 13,2021

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