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"Fire Safety" - the First Class in Spring Semester

On March 3rd afternoon, the Department of Campus Security of USTB, together with the Department of Student Affairs, invited firefighters from the Haidian Fire and Rescue Detachment to campus to carry out a "Haidian Fire Safety on Campus" publicity and training activity, which will popularize fire safety knowledge, strengthen campus fire safety education, enhance fire safety awareness, improve emergency self-prevention and self-rescue ability, and effectively ensure campus safety and stability.1.jpgFirst of all, Mr. MENG Chen, deputy station chief of Haidian Fire and Rescue Detachment Bajia Station, brought a vivid lesson about on-campus fire safety to the students. He introduces some painful experiences of campus fire cases in recent years and explained in depth how to deal with the early fire as well as how to evacuate and escape after a fire. He also encouraged the students to participate in fire safety publicity activities in order to learn fire safety knowledge and master basic fire escape skills.2.jpgNext, firefighters set up a fire-simulated smoke tent outdoors, and organized students to experience fire escape drills.3.jpgAfter the drill, the firefighters also prepared fire safety publicity materials for the students. They helped students understand and obtain fire safety knowledge and required everyone to strictly comply with fire laws, regulations, and school rules. It is strictly forbidden to use high-power electrical equipment, connect wires secretly, use candles for lighting, and store flammable and combustible items in the dormitory. Make sure that all power is cut off when people leaves the dormitory.4.jpgFinally, in order to test the readiness awareness and emergency response ability of campus micro fire stations, Bajia stations and campus micro fire stations carried out a joint drill. The drill included the following: the quick wearing of fire protection suit, hose connection operations, equipment use, and other skills, which will further enhance the emergency response capability of campus micro fire stations in case of sudden fires.

In the future, the Department of Campus Security will continue to carry out campus fire safety training, safety hazard investigation, and emergency response simulation drill to further improve campus fire safety.

Draft: ZHAO Ziqi

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    March 03,2022

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