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The Delegation of the Suranaree University of Technology Visited USTB for Communication and Exchange

On April 11th, a delegation led by Prof. Dr. Santi Maensiri, Dean of the Institute of Science at the Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), visited USTB and held a symposium for communication and exchange. Attendees of the symposium include Prof. PANG Xiaolu, Dean of the School of Mathematics and Physics (SMP), Prof. CAO Wenbin, Vice Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE), Prof. CHEN Yanping, Vice Dean of the SMP and Prof. Dong Wenjun, Vice Dean of the SMSE. Relevant personnel from the SMP also participated in the symposium. The symposium was presided over by Ms. PAN Jiaqi, Associate Director of the Office of International Affairs.


In her speech, Ms. PAN Jiaqi pointed out that USTB has always focused on international development and hopes to cooperate with SUT in areas such as teaching, research, and student exchange, to jointly cultivate outstanding talents. Subsequently, Prof. Santi Maensiri delivered a speech, expressing his hope to deepen understanding, clarify directions for cooperation, and promote cooperation in more fields through this exchange.


During the symposium, Prof. Santi Maensiri introduced the organizational structure, faculty team, and cultivation programs of SUT, and expressed his desire to find scientific research and innovation professional modules related to both parties' disciplines to create more possibilities for further cooperation and exchange. Prof. CAO Wenbin, Prof. LIU Baiyu, and Prof. HE Jiangang from the SMP introduced the teaching and research, as well as the internationalization of materials, mathematics, and physics disciplines, respectively. Both sides discussed various aspects such as the construction of academic disciplines, cooperation models, and student exchange.


Before the symposium, the delegation from SUT visited the USTB's university history museum, gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the university's development history, educational philosophy, and talent cultivation.


The visit by SUT has enhanced mutual understanding and trust between the two sides, initially explored areas of cooperation, and laid the foundation for further extensive and in-depth cooperation. It is hoped that this exchange will serve as an opportunity to attract more outstanding Thai students to study in China and to continue to deepen the university's cooperation and exchange with universities along the "Belt and Road" countries.

Draft: CHEN Ziyu

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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  • Date

    April 20,2024

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