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USTB Held the “Mama Tung Grant” Donation Ceremony & Students' Meet-and-Greet Event

On December 20th, the USTB “Mama Tung Grant” Donation Ceremony & Students’ Meet-and-Greet Event was held in Conference Room 306 at the Administration Building. Ms. Susan Tung, the Donor, Philanthropist, and Board Director of Shanghai Biaoheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Mr. PANG Weiying, Business Partner of Shenzhen Xunwei Digital Twin Technology Co., Ltd., and Prof. YU Chengwen, Vice Chancellor of USTB, took part in the donation ceremony. Relevant persons in charge from different offices, departments, and schools as well as student representatives who won the donation in 2023, participated in the activity. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. SHI Liwei, Director of the Department of Student Affairs.


Mr. WU Guilong met with Ms. Susan Tung

Before the ceremony, USTB Chancellor Mr. WU Guilong had a meeting with Ms. Susan Tung


Mr. SHI Liwei gave an introduction

Mr. SHI Liwei introduced the establishment background of “Mama Tung Grant” and its review process in 2023.


Prof. YU Chengwen conferred the donation certificate to Ms. Susan Tung

Prof. YU Chengwen and Ms. Tung signed the “Mama Tung Grant” Donation Agreement together; then, Prof. YU conferred the donation certificate to Ms. Tung and expressed thanks to her, individuals and teams who made efforts to hold this donation activity on behalf of USTB. He introduced to Ms. Tung the achievements USTB had gained since its foundation 71 years ago; meanwhile, he hoped that students who received the donation would give thanks, study diligently, and strive for progress to repay Mama Tung for her ardent hope with outstanding accomplishments.    


Ms. Tung conferred donation cards to students.


HE Hongru, a student representative, read  A Letter to Mama Tung  

HE Hongru, a student representative, read A Letter to Mama Tung, to express their gratitude to Ms. Tung; he also reported his study and plans for development, displaying his determination to establish lofty ideals.


Mr. PANG Weiying gave a speech

Mr. PANG Weiying shared with students how to use mind mapping and time management to plan personal development, strengthen implementation capacity, and achieve all-round development, preparing well for entering society in the future.


Ms. Susan Tung gave a speech

Ms. Tung gave full recognition to USTB’s review work of “Mama Tung Grant”; with her growth experience, she encouraged the aided students to take practical actions to change their lives and serve our country in the future.

At the meeting, Ms. Tung had an amiable exchange with aided students.


Group photo

The donation ceremony & students' meet-and-greet concluded successfully in a warm round of applause.

Draft: SHI Jingwen

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    January 15,2024

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