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USTB Launched the Second “I Love Science” Public Science Popularization Activity

In the post-epidemic era, in response to the document spirits proposed by the government to improve the scientific quality of the population and further lighten the burden on students receiving Compulsory Education, USTB launched the second “I Love Science” public science popularization activity and the Science and Technology Festival of the Affiliated Primary School of USTB. The Activity was organized by the Basic Experimentation Center for Natural Science, it was oriented to the development and growth needs of primary school students, insisting on moral cultivation, highlighting practical education, and telling a good story of self-reliance and revitalization of China’s science and technology for primary school students.


Physics is the main theme of the Activity, through sound, light, electricity, magnetism, and other phenomena to plant the seed for students to love science. The curriculum content is closely integrated with the primary school curriculum and the frontier topics of national science and technology development, serving primary school students in grades 1-6 and carry out scientific and technological practice activities such as physics frontier and aerospace science and technology.


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    September 25,2021

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