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The School of Economic and Management Has Passed the EQUIS Three-Year Certification

On February 29th, the School of Economics and Management, USTB (hereinafter referred to as "the School") received the official notice from the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) that it had successfully passed the triennial certification of EQUIS. The School of Economics and Management has officially achieved three international authoritative business school certifications: AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS. After being certified by AMBA in 2013 and AACSB in 2018, the school became the 14th business school in mainland China and the 4th business school in Beijing to collect all three certifications.1.jpgProf. YANG Renshu participated in the symposium

From November 28th to 30th, the School conducted and completed the EQUIS business school certification work and on-site visit of the EQUIS expert group. The expert panel conducted a comprehensive understanding and strict inspection of the School's strategic planning, faculty team building, scientific research work, internationalization construction, project and curriculum system, hardware and software, and other aspects. Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, Prof. LYU Zhaoping, Vice President of USTB, and Prof. ZHANG Dalin, Vice Chancellor, attended the symposium as representatives of USTB.

2.jpgGroup photo at the symposium

During the review meeting, the expert panel commented on all aspects of the School. The expert panel agreed that the School could actively adapt to the development of the industry and maintain high-standard progress and development in scientific research, teaching, and other aspects. The experts believe that the School has an excellent academic atmosphere and educational environment and attaches importance to the evaluation from teachers, students, and society in its rapid development. In addition, the expert group also made suggestions for improvements to the school's future development.

3.jpgGroup photo

As one of the three most influential certifications of business education, EQUIS is known for its rigorous assessment process and high-standard review system. The assessment is based on three dimensions: internationalization, connections with practice, and ethics, responsibility & sustainability. It covers development strategy, teaching program, teacher's qualifications, academic studies, student training, relationships with alumni, senior executive training, administration support, resource distribution, and other aspects of the business school's management and development. School of Economics and Management of USTB became a member of EFMD in 2019, passed the qualification evaluation in 2021, had an on-site visit in November 2023, and officially passed the certification of EQUIS.

In recent years, the School of Economics and Management has greatly developed in many aspects, such as discipline construction, scientific research, faculty team building, etc; established the Institute of Minerals Research attached to the School of Economics and Management, which now has 16 researchers honored with national and provincial-level talent titles, including Prof. SHAO Anlin, an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The School has received approximately 100 science awards at the ministerial and provincial levels, undertaking the Nation Social Science Fund bidding and more than 950 other important projects since 2011. In the new round of discipline evaluation, Management Science and Engineering and Business Administration majors made great advances, ranked higher, and became influential disciplines in domestic. The seven majors of the school were all approved first-class undergraduate discipline construction points.

In the future, the USTB School of Economics and Management will hold the fine tradition of a "Rigorous Academic Atmosphere, Advocating Practice," the willingness to "Construct the School of Economics and Management with distinctive features," the way of "taking root in the capital, offer services for industries, region, and development of the country," constructing first-class disciplines, gathering first-class faculty, cultivating first-class students, producing first-class achievements, and offering first-class social service.

Draft: LU Chengcheng

Revision: CHENG Mingyuan

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    March 11,2024

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