USTB Held an Educational Activity on the Theme of "Continuing the Centennial Heart, Writing the Splendid Chapter of Winter Olympics"

In the afternoon of December 9th, the educational activity on the theme of "Continuing the Centennial Heart, Writing the Splendid Chapter of Winter Olympics" and the general training session for the volunteers of the Winter Olympics of USTB were successfully held in the Academic Conference Hall, USTB. Mr. WU Guilong, Chancellor of USTB, Mr. YIN Zhaohua, Director of the Department of Student Affairs of USTB, Ms. WANG Li, Secretary General of the Communist Youth League Committee of USTB and 288 volunteers of the Winter Olympic Games participated in the meeting through online and offline means.


The Winter Olympics is not only an event for athletes, but also for volunteers. The song of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games volunteers "Love is Here", which was performed and produced by our school volunteers, warmed up the meeting and kicked off the training.


Afterwards, Ms. WANG Li introduced the stage results of USTB's preparation for the Winter Olympic Games from four aspects: organization and management, skill training, incentive and guarantee, and cultural communication, and expressed her gratitude to the teachers and students who sacrificed their precious rest time and worked hard for the preparation of the Winter Olympic Games. In the past two years, under the leadership of the Party Committee of USTB, teachers and students have been actively participating in the Winter Olympics training courses, carrying out cultural activities on the theme of the Winter Olympics, and completing the volunteer work of the two "Meet in Beijing" Assurance Test Events with high quality, making a youthful contribution to the wonderful Winter Olympics event.


Mr. Cheng Zihang, the volunteer representative, shared his experience and feeling of volunteering in the Winter Olympic Assurance Test Events, and made a statement on behalf of all the volunteers that he would seriously participate in the course training, enhance the professional skills of volunteering, practice the volunteer spirit of USTB in his work, and welcome the arrival of the Winter Olympic event with the most enthusiastic and professional services.


During the lecture, Mr. WU Guilong fully affirmed the work related to the preparation for the Winter Olympics in the school. Then, he emphasized the importance of young people in the development of history, and said that the youth of the new era should further strengthen their confidence, live up to the great dream of tomorrow, do a good job in the Winter Olympics service guarantee work with the most professional attitude and fullest enthusiasm, and step into the new journey and build a new era with a more vigorous attitude.

In the end, Mr. WU Guilong urged the volunteers of the Winter Olympic Games to do a good job in safety and security, to help the safety of the Winter Olympic Games with their personal safety; to improve personal skills; to provide high-quality services for the Winter Olympic Games; to show the youth style and the volunteer style of USTB; to welcome the 20th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China with a progressive attitude; to welcome the 2022 Winter Olympic Games with high morale, and to create a wonderful life in the great practice of realizing the Chinese Dream.


Before the end of the meeting, all volunteers shouted the slogan "Volunteer for the Winter Olympics, run to the future, the volunteers of USTB are ready", fully showing the positive spirit of our volunteers and the commitment of the youth.


It is reported that since 2020 USTB has held several training activities on the topic of Winter Olympics, inviting famous athletes such as Olympic champion and Winter Olympics torchbearer Ms. LI Nina and Olympic culture promotion ambassadors to come to the school to give lectures; carefully organizing special competitions on Winter Olympics knowledge and volunteer service skills to improve the knowledge reserve, ability quality and spirit of the volunteers for the games. 152 students and faculty members were sent to complete the service work of "Meet in Beijing" ice hockey domestic test events at Wukesong Arena in April and November to improve their service skills through practical exercises. The excellent deeds of students serving the Winter Olympics were widely reported by the media such as People's Daily and Beijing Youth Daily.

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    December 10,2021

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