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National Center for Materials Service Safety

In 2007, Chinese National Development and Reform Commission approved the " Materials Service Safety Assessment Facilities" (MSAF), which is one of the 12 major national science and technology infrastructure projects during the "eleventh five-year plan" period, and the first national major science and technology infrastructure construction project led by universities directly under the ministry of education. Based on the MSAF, National Center for Materials Service Safety (NCMS) was organized by University of Science and Technology, Beijing (USTB) in 2008, involving other scientific research institutes and universities. Under the major requirements of the Chinese national economic and social development, MSAF project and NCMS focus on the general material failure mechanism of the typical engineering materials combining with service environment. In order to solve those key scientific problems such as size effect, environment coupling effect, acceleration testing and safety assessment method, NCMS builds an international world-class scientific research experiment platform by the independent design and integration innovation, to provide the approximate service environment, effectively recreate the failure process of physical and simulated experiment research and evaluation ability of China. The total investment is about 1.2 billion RMB.