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National Engineering Research Center for Advanced Rolling Technology (NERCAR)

National Engineering Research Center for Advanced Rolling Technology (NERCAR) was established at the University of Science & Technology Beijing in 1996. It is one of the first National Engineering Research Centers authorized by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). NERCAR was established to promote scientific development, develop practical industrial applications, facilitate technology transfer and integration, enhance independent innovation capability, and contribute towards localization and modernization of rolling technologies and manufacturing processes based on global technological trends and advanced technology. NERCAR also provides excellent technical solutions for enterprises and helps cultivate engineering talent.

NERCAR has 140 staff members, and more than 40% possess professional technical titles. It has about 200 master and doctoral students on its rolls. Subjects cover four first-level disciplines—metallurgy, materials, machinery and automation, and two second-level disciplines—logistics and computers. The staff have comprehensive strength and knowledge, are highly professional, and have clear hierarchy and reasonable age structure. NERCAR has established a strong scientific research and development team, and organizes major research and development projects, undertakes large-scale engineering projects, and provides corresponding technical services and training.

NERCAR has comprehensive experimental facilities and related instruments and equipment. It can process and analyze materials and microstructure, and possesses other observation and analysis capabilities. It has defined processes and has established an automated experimental platform for rolling steel, as well as an experimental platform for surface detection. NERCAR possesses robust testing facilities, and promotes material development, trial production, analysis and application.

Throughout the 20-odd years that NERCAR has been operational, it has remained consistently market-oriented. It has established a guiding ideology of “From the enterprise, before the enterprise, above the enterprise, and for the enterprise”, and has developed engineering application and comprehensive R&D capabilities. NERCAR has achieved significant success in developing automatic rolling control systems, rolling processes and equipment, steel production and performance optimization, surface inspection systems, intelligent metal material manufacturing, etc. It won 5 National Science and Technology Progress awards, has won more than 50 provincial-level awards, and has made extensive contributions towards the country’s development and enterprise progress. NERCAR was rated as an ‘Excellent Center’ according to the "Evaluation Result of National Engineering Research Centers" issued by NDRC in 2010 and 2012. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the national engineering research center development, NERCAR won the highest honor—"Outstanding Contribution Award of National Engineering Research Center"—given by the National Development and Reform Commission.