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The State Key Laboratory of Advanced Metallurgy

The State Key Laboratory of Advanced Metallurgy, simplified as Laboratory, regards major national demand as the guide and the metallurgical industry as the object. Furthermore, it aims to the goals of the basic theory researches and the key process development of the sustainable development of iron and steel industry in China concerning the efficient cascade transformation of energy, the efficient utilization of metallurgical resources and the efficient production of advanced materials and so on. According to the development trend of the international Metallurgical Engineering disciplines, our laboratory positions in the four directions of Mechanism & Kinetics, Low Carbon Metallurgy, Resources Utilization and Clean Steel.

The main research contents include:

(1) Mechanism & Kinetics. The mineralogical constitution and physicochemical properties of melts during the reaction process at high temperatures, particularly the effects of the multi-medium factors on the evolution and reconstruction of the mineralogical structure at high temperatures and the study of the structure and physicochemical properties of multiphase metallurgical melts, such as viscosity and interface tension, are investigated systematically.

(2) Low Carbon Metallurgy. In view of the low carbon emission technology of metallurgy and the related energy processes in the future, the key technologies such as coke oven and blast furnace gas reforming, circulating injection blast furnace ironmaking, gas-base reduction ironmaking, pulverized coal combustion, oxygen supply enhancement and the optimization of energy flow network in the whole process of iron and steel technology were studied.

(3) Resources Utilization. In view of the efficient utilization of inferior iron ore and complex symbiotic ore, a series of key technologies have been studied, such as the mechanisms about interaction, migration and efficient separation behaviors of elements in the high temperature complex multiphase system, the laws about selective reduction and melting separation of complex symbiotic ore, and efficient comprehensive utilization about inferior ore, complex symbiotic ore and secondary resources.

(4) Clean Steel. The key technology is developed to achieve high-efficiency and economic production of clean steel through a series of studies, including thermodynamic limitation of impurity element and inclusion removal, modification mechanism of inclusion property, and the effect rule of temperature, atmosphere, stirring as well as medium on mass transfer.

Since the establishment of 2011, various scientific research projects undertaken are more than 700 items in total and the amount of funds accumulated is nearly 1 billion Yuan. The fund structure of scientific research task is more reasonable because of the proportion of longitudinal projects of 61%. Hence, the laboratory owns the stronger capacity that undertakes national science and technology tasks in which the total fund of the representative major special scientific research missions like “Key technologies of poly-generation processes of iron making, coal gasification and construction materials” have been more than 0.1 billion Yuan and then the strength of average individual project fund has been more than 4 million Yuan. The 4 projects of national major science such as “Industrial System Optimization and Energy-saving Technology of Chemical Metallurgy Process” etc. and the 14 major programs of Nature Science Foundation of China such as “The Study on Manufacturing Mechanisms of Heavy Plates using Continuous Casting Slabs with Low Compression Ratio” etc. have been organised and implemented by the laboratory. Meanwhile, the laboratory has undertaken 13 national major subjects undertaken during the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan period (973 project, 863 project and National Key and so on), 9 topics of international scientific and technological cooperation and 45 surface projects of Nature Science Foundation of China. In addition, there are more than 300 projects of provincial and ministerial level and more than 300 projects commissioned by enterprises.

Under the supports of the different levels and different categories of projects, the laboratory has obtained a group of marked research achievements represented by 5 Second Prize of national Scientific and Technological Progress such as “Research and Application of Composite Blowing Technology of Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking”and etc. and 58 prizes of provincial and ministerial levels such as “Development and Application Key Technology on Deoxygenation of Ultra-Pure Stainless Steel and Inclusions Control ”and etc..

For past five years, the laboratory has established more than 1000 papers of SCI retrieval, more than 1200 papers of EI retrieval, more than 330 licensed patents, more than 10 published works and 5 formulated national/industry standards. Furthermore, the patented technology and research results have achieved technology transfer, receiving international leading level.

Recently, the laboratory owns a team of fixed scientific research talents with high academic level and rich experience in teaching and scientific research. The laboratory director is Professor Guo Zhancheng, winner of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth. The academic council director is Academician Gan Yong, from Chinese Academy of Engineering. In the aspect of team building, there are 77 fixed researchers in the laboratory, of whom 50 are professors and researchers (51 doctoral tutors), 1 Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 6 persons for Distinguished Young Program, 4 persons for Yangtse Rive Scholar, 1 persons for Million People Program, 3 persons for Thousand Youth Talents Plan, 3 persons for Youth Yangtse Rive Scholar, 5 persons for Ten Million New Century Talents Project, 6 persons for Excellent Young Scholars and so on. The lab currently has 4 Innovation Teams of Education Ministry, of whom 3 Innovation Teams on Yangtse Rive Scholar of Education Ministry and 1 Teacher Innovation Teams of “Huang Danian”. Additionally, More than 400 postdoctoral, doctoral and graduate students have engaged in related research work in the laboratory expect fixed staff. Meanwhile, the laboratory has also employed well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad as guest scholar who collectively apply for subjects, train talents and participate in the researches and so on.

At present, the laboratory covers an area of 4700m2 including a scientific research room of 3700m2 and a smelting and testing workshop of 1000m2, and owns advanced instruments and equipment more than 60 million Yuan. It mainly includes: Scanning Electron Microscope, High-temperature Laser Confocal Microscopy, Mineral Liberation Analyzer, High Temperature X-ray Diffraction, High Resolution Raman Spectrometer, Original Position Analyzer for Metal and so on, of whom includes 14 instruments and equipment valued by more than 1 million. All the equipment being in good running condition have more perfect testing on high temperature metallurgical reaction process, product performance testing and organizational structure analysis and equipment and device system for calculation and simulation of metallurgical process. In addition, the laboratory has established a series of quality and safety management system to ensure the accuracy and safety of the experiment.